30x51 Double Garage
30x51 Double Garage
30x51 Double Garage
30x51 Double Garage
30x51 Double Garage

ITEM : 305113DCG

Starting At: $22,980.00
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Maybe some little, run-of-the-mill metal garage isn’t big enough to meet your vehicle parking, personal storage, and private workshop needs. If what you’re really after is a more substantial, commercial-sized garage building, Carport Central is happy to deliver!

30×51 Double Garage Specs

Check out some of the specs and features on this 30’ x 51’ x 13’ garage building:

  • 30’ x 51’ vertical roof (with a frame base of 50’)
  • 13’ side wall height
  • 1,500 square feet of protected interior storage space
  • Engineered and certified to meet local building codes
  • One 12’ x 12’ roll-up door with header seal
  • One 10’ x 10’ roll-up door with header seal
  • One 36” x 80” walk-in door with window
  • Three 24” x 36” windows
  • Black roof paneling, quaker gray sides and ends, and black trim


This garage building is tough, rugged, and functional, and it looks great, too! How’d you like to have one of these installed on your property? One of our friendly building specialists would love to help make that happen for you – we deliver and install in 46 U.S. states for no extra charge!

You can purchase this double garage building today with a down payment as low as 15%. Total pricing for this building is $23,655 plus tax (can vary by location). Give us a call at (980) 255-3704 and we’ll be glad to answer whatever questions you may have! Just be sure to mention item number 305113DCG whenever you call.

Design Your Own Custom Metal Garage

Want to change something up for your own custom building? Carport Central is happy to oblige. You can even draw up your own perfect steel structure with our exclusive 3D Building Designer! We can take whatever custom design you create, and use it to get your building order started. It’s that simple! We’re all about making the entire metal building purchasing process as smooth and painless for you as possible.

But what about financing? We’ve got good news there, too. Carport Central has the VERY BEST metal building financing and RTO solutions in the business!

Carport Central is your one-stop shop for custom steel structures of any size, shape, or application, including residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial. Nobody beats our engineering and customization options, and nobody else approaches our high level of personalized customer service.

Give us a call today at (980) 255-3704, and experience the Carport Central difference!

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