36x26x12/9 Garage with Lean-To

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36x26x12/9 Garage with Lean-To

This is a gorgeous metal building, and it would look great out on the farm, in your backyard, or most anywhere else you need to put a perfect outdoor storage solution! It’s useful for parking vehicles, tractors, mowers, lawn equipment, seasonal decorations, overflow storage, and more.


The blue roof and grey siding create quite a look for this metal building that’s both beautiful and unique. It looks great in front a forested backdrop (as seen here), but this building would honestly look pretty great in any location – rural, suburban, even inside the city limits!


But don’t just get lost in the building’s aesthetics. This custom-built double garage with lean-to is designed for all sorts of practicality, too. The two roll-up garage doors and one walk-in door make for easy access to your enclosed storage space, and the lean-to section adds some additional open-air protected space for your tractor, attachments, lawn equipment, or pretty much anything else you need to keep under cover. It’s really an ideal combination building!

36x26x12/9 Garage with Lean-To


A steel building from Carport Central is also much stronger and more durable than any comparable stick build. And everything starts with the premium metal roof overhead. The vertical roof is constructed on a sturdy A-frame design, and comes with some extra reinforcements, too. This week’s featured building is certified to withstand wind loads of 140 mph and snow loads of 30 psf. In other words, it can handle hurricane-force winds just as easily as it can handle being hit with a major snowstorm. So, no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw your way, you’ll be ready! And here’s another cool feature of having a vertical roof – the vertically-oriented paneling means that both precipitation and debris can be channeled off your roof with greater ease.


Carport Central doesn’t offer paving or groundwork services ourselves, but we are happy to install on a wide variety of site foundations. We can put up your building on concrete, asphalt, gravel, even plain level ground! Just let us know what your foundation plans are, and one of our building specialists will be glad to help provide a metal building solution to suit!

36x26x12/9 Garage with Lean-To


Check out this building’s product page 36x26x12 Garage with Lean-To to see more pictures and info. Got more questions? Just give us a call at (980) 223-4369, and be sure to mention item: 3626129GLT. We’re here to help turn your metal building dream into reality!


Don’t love this particular color scheme? That’s cool, you’ve got other color options too. With Carport Central, you can make any design changes or tweaks you like! In fact, you’re welcome to take a test drive with our exclusive 3D Building Designer – this powerful tool is easy to use, and is accessible by computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You’ll enjoy a complete 360° view of your building, and you’ll be able to map everything out the exact way you want it. And once you come up with a building design you really like, we can then use that to get your custom building order started. It’s as simple as that!


Carport Central is your one-stop-shop for steel structures of any size, shape, or function. Nobody beats our building selection or customization options, and we’re proud to stand behind every structure we provide. Thanks to our partnerships with preferred manufacturers and installers across the country, we’re able to back each metal building with a 20-year rust-through warranty on steel framing, 10-year metal paneling warranty, and 30 day workmanship warranty.


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