Install Of The Week – 80x81x16 Metal Garage Building

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80x81x16 Metal Garage Building


Need a BIG garage building with some major application potential? Well, how does a 6400-square-foot garage sound? With a commercial garage building like this, the combination of practical usage possibilities is practically limitless. And Carport Central is here to deliver whatever custom metal building solution you may need!


Here’s a nice 80’ x 81’ all-vertical metal garage we installed for a local customer that we’re pleased to feature as this week’s Install of the Week (IOTW). It’s got LOTS of convenient access points, and also features an attractive black roof, charcoal side paneling, and black trim.


Here are some specs and features to note for this custom build:

  • 80’ x 81’ vertical continuous roof garage (building base rail width of 80’)
  • 6” roof overhang around entire building
  • 6400 square feet of fully-enclosed space, covered with vertical side paneling
  • True 4’ on center framing for easy finishing
  • Three 14’ x 14’ frame outs in the front
  • One 14’ x 14’ frame out in the rear
  • Three walk-in door frame outs (36” x 80”)
  • Four window frame outs (36” x 72”)
  • Two 10’ x 8’ frame outs on the side
  • Black roof paneling, charcoal side paneling, and black trim
  • Certified to meet local building codes


What could you do with a beautiful commercial metal building like this? Honestly, anything you want! This particular customer does a lot with custom vehicles, so he plans to use this building to house all of his “toys,” and also intends to install a mezzanine level along with some dedicated office space. But you could choose to use a building like this as a barn, workshop, or general storage facility. We can also certify your building to meet Risk 2 occupancy standards, if you’d like to turn it into your own personal barndominium or metal building home! Whatever you may want to get out of a steel building, Carport Central is here to deliver the custom building solution you need.

80x81x16 Metal Garage Building


Check out this building’s product page 80x81x16 Metal Garage Building to see more pictures and info. You can also just give us a call at (980) 321-9898 and mention item: 808116MGB; we’ll be glad to answer any specific questions you may have.


Got another type of building in mind? We got you. Carport Central allows you to design your own perfect custom steel structure with our exclusive 3D Building Designer! Map it all out, just the way you want it, and then view an accurate 3D rendering of your building in full 360° perspective. Choose whatever customizations you want to include, and we’ll use that to get your building order started. It’s that easy! CPC makes the metal building design, purchase, financing, and installation process as simple and painless as possible!


What’s Included in a Metal Building Kit?

Carport Central is happy to install your building at no extra charge, but you can also pick up and install yourself for a discount. Every custom metal building kit we provide comes with all needed building materials:

  • Square steel tubing members and supports
  • Roofing panels
  • Pre-welded components for easy assembly
  • Whatever wall paneling you choose
  • All needed fastening hardware, nuts, & bolts
  • All needed building anchors
  • Optional customization features like roll-up doors, walk-in doors, and windows
  • Optional trim pieces
  • Optional vapor barrier or ProDex equivalent insulation
  • Optional engineering plans
  • Several convenient regional pickup points
  • 20-year framing warranty
  • 10- to 20-year metal paneling warranty
80x81x16 Metal Garage Building


Carport Central is your one-stop shop for custom steel structures of any size, shape, or application, from residential to agricultural to commercial to industrial. Nobody beats our engineering and customization options, and nobody provides a higher level of personalized customer service. We’ve got the best financing solutions in the business, too!


Give us a call at (980) 321-9898 today, and experience the Carport Central difference!

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