How Carport Central Engineering Is Different: Risk Cat II Building Applications

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We’ve talked before about how cold-formed steel is really a perfect building material and how there are specific codes and standards in place for how light-gauge steel buildings are engineered and constructed in general. But you should also know that it doesn’t just stop there.

You’re probably already aware that steel structures make perfect carports, garages, barns, storage sheds, workshops, and warehouses. Even so, those aren’t the only ways you can use a metal building. The very best metal building providers – like Carport Central – also have engineers and manufacturing partners that can produce some great Risk Category II building applications, as well.

The difference between Risk Category I and Risk Category II buildings

What’s the difference between Risk Category I (or Risk Cat I) and Risk Category II (or Risk Cat II), you ask? That’s a great question! Beginning with the International Building Code (IBC) of 2012, the term “Occupancy Categories” was replaced with the term “Risk Categories.” Risk Categories are used to categorize buildings based on the general strength of the building and on how many people a building can safely accommodate. Generally speaking, the more people your building needs to be able to house and protect, the stronger the building needs to be. Here’s more about what distinguishes Risk Cat II from Risk Cat I:

• Risk Cat I: Low Human Occupancy

Risk Category I is applied to buildings that aren’t intended for housing people or for hosting public gatherings. This includes buildings that generally represent a low hazard to human life in the event of building failure. Some examples include carports, garages, barns, and farm & agricultural structures. General storage facilities, equipment buildings, and detached accessory buildings usually fall into the Risk I category, as well.

• Risk Cat II: Normal Human Occupancy

Risk Category II applies to buildings that are specifically designed for accommodating or housing people. This includes structures like houses, vacation homes, apartments, barndominiums, businesses, storefronts, office buildings, and low-risk commercial, industrial, and manufacturing buildings. As such, metal buildings and steel structures which are meant to be used for either habitation or business must be made stronger and more resilient and must be engineered to a higher standard.

Risk Cat II metal buildings? With Carport Central, absolutely!

Many metal building providers can certify a building for baseline wind and snow load ratings, but not many can provide a metal building that’s certified to meet Risk Cat II requirements. The good news? Carport Central has a proven track record of delivering Risk Cat II certified buildings, and we can do the same for you, too. In fact, we’ve installed a growing number for families across the country that are now using their metal building as their primary residence!

Take this barndo, for example.

Take this 38’ x 51’ barndominium that building specialist Justin Brim was able to provide for a family in Texas.

Take this barndo

The exterior is rugged and well-protected. This building is certified to withstand 140 mph wind loads and 30 psf snow loads, so it’s much more weather-resistant than a comparable stick-built home. And the gray roof, blue paneling, and gray trim look great on this barndo, too.

interior structure

But perhaps one of the best features of a metal building home like this is its wide-open floorplan. With our clear-span engineering and 4-foot-on-center framing, you can honestly divide up and finish the 1,900 square feet interior of a home like this any way you like. The interior photos provided by this particular homeowner are really just a sample of some ways you could choose to personalize your own living space in one of these buildings. The possibilities are practically limitless!

interior barns

interior barndo

Carport Central provides reliable Risk Cat II steel buildings!

Looking for a metal building provider that can provide you with a reliable, custom, Risk Cat II certified steel building? You’ve found one in Carport Central! Our engineering plans are second to none, and we can give you what you need in a Risk Cat II building at a fraction of the cost of comparable stick builds.

Each metal structure we provide is custom made-to-order, and we’re well-equipped to take your particular local building codes and regulations into account as well. To put it succinctly, when it comes to perfect metal building solutions, we’ve got you covered!

Want to try your hand at designing your own perfect, personalized steel structure? Then take a test drive on our powerful, simple-to-use 3D Building Estimator. It’s easily accessible from any computer, laptop, or internet-enabled smart device, including your smartphone!

Ready to get started? You can reach out to us online, or for an even faster response, you can simply give us a call at (980) 321-9898 and get in touch with one of our friendly building specialists.

Remember, Carport Central is about much more than just selling you a metal building. We’re here to Provide Shelter for Your Way of Life!

Experience the Carport Central difference today!

At Carport Central, What’s Central to You, Is Central to Us.


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