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Steel Carports

More than just a Protective Shelter

Carports may not have four walls like a metal garage, but they have just as many uses. Most people purchase a carport to protect their cars, RV’s, golf carts, and other vehicles in order to keep them in pristine condition, but our custom-built metal carports can do just that and also be used for a variety of other purposes. For example, a carport can double as a covered picnic area for barbecues and other warm-weather events. Or what if you always do yoga outside and it’s raining? A Metal Carport is perfect as an outdoor studio to keep you dry and safe from the elements. We can also build small metal sheds attached to the carport structure in case you need a little extra storage. These carports are called utility carports or storage carports and serve the dual purpose of car protection and outside storage. Steel carports don’t have to be one-use only, and they can often substitute for more expensive structures that may not fit all of your needs. Contact us today to let us show you how you can use a custom metal carport and the many benefits it will bring!

Metal carports are also just as sturdy as any other custom metal structure and are backed by our one-year workmanship warranty. We use the highest quality materials available and never cut corners with our craftsmanship. The options on our custom metal Carolina Carports set us apart from other companies that use basic, “cookie cutter” designs. For our frames, we offer both 12-gauge and 14-gauge steel, which can be cut to any length desired. We’ll also build your custom carport to any exact size specification; when we say custom, we’re not mincing words. We mean it. Our steel carports for sale have a 29 gauge metal sheeting roof and we also have a stronger 26-gauge metal roofing option available. We’ve also got custom options for the color of the carport roof, trim, gables, and side panels. Not all of our colors are available at every location, so please contact one of our endlessly knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives to see what colors you can get in your area. Our representatives can also help you find your custom metal carport with options to best fit your budget.

Metal Carports offer convenience as a benefit to users who buy our carports kits online. Easy access ensures that our customers who don’t want to lock and unlock a garage, get an ideal steel structure alternative. As an owner, you simply walk up to one of our regular, boxed eave, or vertical car port (metal carport roof-styles that are explained below) and open your car or RV door and drive away! No hassles of opening and shutting doors or remembering where you kept your garage keys or even the need of expensive door automation technology.

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Carport Central, being the sales rep Jeffrey Trenter, worked with me to design the building best for me at the least cost. He was also an aid in getting my building installed ASAP. The carport is VERY well constructed. They exceed the quality that I am seeing on other brands of carports. He was by no means pushy but aims to have you get the building you want and afford. The commission the company charges may be a tad on the high side, but well worth the services they provide, before and after the sale/installation…..Rick, North East, PA


North East, P – PA


Finish your custom steel structure with something sturdy that will stand up against the elements. All roof styles can be certified for structural integrity, but finding the right roof type for your climate and need is important. We have many different metal buldings for sale and many options to customize your structure. You want to find a strong roof type that fits with your home and will stand up best to the elements. Talk to our customer service representatives to learn more about which roof type is best for you.

Know more about Roof Styles

Want to know more about your Metal Carport?

7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping For a New Metal Carport

1 - What Size Carport Do I Need?

What size metal carport will suit your storage needs? Here are some factors to consider that will help you determine the size you need.

  • What do you want to store under your metal carport? -  Evaluate whether you need a 2-car carport, single car metal carport or specialty size carport for an RV, boat or agricultural equipment. The size of the vehicles or equipment you need to house will help you narrow down the size you need. As a baseline, a 12’ wide custom carport can fit a single car, a 22’ wide steel carport can fit two full-size cars, and a 26’ wide carport can accommodate 3 midsize cars.
  • Are you going to store more than just vehicles? - If you plan to store more items in addition to your vehicles, such as bikes or equipment, you may want to consider adding more length to your custom prefab carport. If you are just planning to store a midsize car, a 21’ long steel carport will work just fine. If you want to add length to your carport design plans, the prefabricated industry standard lengths are 21’, 26’, 31’, and up, increasing in 5’ increments.
  • How tall is your vehicle? - When determining the metal carport or metal garage building that you need, remember that steel carports are measured by the height on the sides of the structure and not from the very top point of the carport. Make sure that your vehicle can clear the lowest point of the metal carport. Carport Central has carport buildings for sale with a standard height of 6’, but your steel carport plans can be custom built with a taller height. If you plan to enclose your metal carport frame and install a garage door in the future, make sure you take that into consideration when customizing your steel carport.

2 - Does Roof Style Matter?

Metal carport prices vary greatly based upon the roof style you choose. It’s very important to consider the weather in your area when choosing a roof style for a steel carport.

  • If you live in an area that experiences heavy rain or snowfall, it is highly recommended that your metal carport plans include a vertical roof style. Since the roof panels are installed vertically, it allows for snow and rain to easily slide off of the roof.
  • The boxed eave style roof has a peaked roof like the vertical style, but the panels are installed horizontally. For this reason, we recommend purchasing a boxed eave roof carport structure if you live in an area that does not get a lot of snow or heavy rainfall.
  • Regular style steel carports are an economical option. However, because pre-engineered carport installation involves the roof panels being secured horizontally, it’s only recommended that you purchase this style if you live in an area that has very little snowfall or heavy rain.

3 - Where are you installing your steel carport?

Before your metal carport is installed you need to make sure that the installation (set up) site is level and you have enough space to install the best fit metal carport frame size you plan to buy. Not only should you measure the width and length of the property where you plan to install the carport, you should also make sure that the height of the steel carport can accommodate your vehicles and equipment.

4 - Do local building regulations require that your prefabricated carport design plans be certified?

Depending on where you reside, local building regulations in your area may require that your metal structure be certified to handle a specific amount of snow load or wind. Contact your local building department to determine if this is a requirement before purchasing your new steel carport. If your local government does require carports to be certified, contact a Carport Central customer service representative for more information.

5 - What features would you like to add to your steel carport plans?

Now that you have determined the size and roof style that would work best for your new steel carport structure, it’s time to think about how you would like to customize it. Below are some ways you can customize metal carport designs:

  • Colors - The roof, trim, and sides on all of our carports for sale are available in multiple colors. We offer 12 different color options to customize the look of your new carport building. Color selection poses no added cost to our metal carport prices.
  • Sides and Ends - Panels can be added to the sides or ends of your new prefab carport to provide extra strength and protection for your vehicle.
  • Gables - Gables can be added to your carport design plans to conceal the frame and add strength and support. A gable is a triangular piece of metal that is installed at the very top portion of the front or back of your metal carport structure.
  • J-Trim - To give your steel carport designs a nice, finished appearance and to cover up edges so that they are not a safety hazard, decorative trim called J-Trim can be applied to the panel edges.

For more detailed information about these features, check out our carport buying guide

6 - Does your new metal carport installation need any additional strength or support?

  • Upgrade to 12-gauge steel - The standard steel gauge used for all metal carports for sale is 14-gauge steel, which measures 2 ½” x 2 ½”. If you would like to upgrade to a carport frame with higher tensile strength that can support higher snow load and wind load ratings, then a 2 ¼” x 2 ¼” 12-gauge steel frame would be a good option.
  • Additional Bows and Trusses - Bows and Trusses are structural supports that fit inside the roof and along the sides of a metal carport to provide added support and stability. You should consider adding these supports to your custom carport design if you live in an area with heavy snow or otherwise intense weather.
  • Anchor types - The anchor used in your prefabricated carport installation will depend on what type of surface in which you plan to anchor the steel carport. If you feel that additional strength or support may be needed, contact a Carport Central customer service representative for more information.

7 - How are metal carports for sale priced?

Metal carports prices vary based upon the size, roof style, and additional features requested. The state in which you install metal carport structures also affects pricing. Due to varying requirements and regulations for installations, the pricing for the same unit may vary from one state to another.

Every one of our steel carports for sale includes free installation and delivery to your specified location.

I found my perfect carport. What happens next?

Place Your Order -

Whether your carport design plans are ready or you need some help choosing the best metal building, contact a customer service representative today to get started. A 10%, 12% or 15% deposit will be required when you place an order for your metal carport. The deposit percentage is determined by the size of the unit. The remaining balance will not be due until the time of your pre-engineered carport installation.

Installation - Before the scheduled date of your carport building installation, help prepare the installation site for the crew by making sure that the foundation is set, the area is cleared of debris, and the ground is level. Check out our blog more information about how to prepare your site for installation. Determine whether your metal carport installation site is leveled?

For more information about lead times for delivery and installation, speak with a customer service representative.

Warranty on your new metal carport - At Carport Central, we are fully committed to ensuring that you are satisfied with your purchase, so we offer a one-year workmanship warranty on your new steel carport.

In addition, all of our metal carports for sale include a 10-year warranty on the panels for chipping and cracking and a 20-year warranty on metal carport frames for rust. Get more detailed information about the warranties on our metal carports for sale.

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