Ordering, Manufacturing and Installation of a Metal Building

This article will help to walk you through the process of ordering your custom metal building from beginning to end and also explain the processes of manufacture and installation so that you know what to expect when you finalize your steel building purchase. Our goal is to make sure you have all the information you need to get the ideal unit you need, at the right specifications and according to schedule.

3-step ordering process

1. Choose from our catalog the affordable metal building that is the closest match to the specific requirements you have. We have a vast range of predesigned units that you can browse through in our online gallery showing off the various features, colors and uses that other customers have selected.
2. Customize your steel building by setting the specific options and choosing the features that you need for your application. This includes roof style, color, closed or open design and many other features.
3. Get help from our experts to check out the ratings for snow loading or wind rating. We can also advise you through the process of selecting your features so that you understand the benefits or limitations of each option.

Once you have been through this 3-step process you are ready to order your metal building and to give us the go-ahead to begin the manufacturing process.

How we manufacture your steel building

Carport Central has a systematic process that we follow from the time we receive the confirmed order of your metal building sale. We start with the raw material sourcing where our bulk purchasing power gives us the edge over our competitors in terms of pricing. This step is followed by information gathering as we have the relevant drawings and designs drafted by experts. Our factory makes up the components according to the designs and then we prepare your order for delivery. Once the delivery date has been confirmed with you, the truck is loaded and the components delivered to the site where our experienced installation teams erect the steel building you have been waiting for.

The installation process of your steel building order

Once the delivery of your steel building components is made to your level site, our expert installation teams kick into action. The components are all laid out on the ground in a systematic way so that each part can be assembled as per the design drawings.

1. The structural components are assembled first, while still laid out on the ground. Roof trusses are attached to the pillars and the bottom frame of the unit is laid out on the foundation site and attached to the anchor bolts.
2. The structural components are then lifted into place on the site. At this stage, you can see the size and shape of the building.
3. The roof purlins are attached to this basic framework so that the entire structure is now firmly anchored in position.
4. Depending on your specific design the side sheeting is then attached to the structure. Door frames and garage door openings are all set in place as per the custom design specifications.
5. At this stage, the roof sheeting is set in place.
6. Once all these steps are completed, the final aesthetic features and gutters etc. are put in place to complete the installation.

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