Why Choose a Prefabricated Metal Building?

Prefabricated metal buildings began to grow in popularity after the second world war as steel became more easily available. Over the last fifty years, the variety of applications for prefabricated metal buildings has risen exponentially with companies now specializing in designing and building metal structures using advanced computer design techniques and dedicated installation crews. One of the most impressive all-metal buildings is the Minor Basilica of San Sebastian, which is a church built in 1891 in Manila, Philippines.

When you approach a prefabricated metal buildings manufacturer, you approach an expert team that will guide you through the process from design to installation. Engineers make use of sophisticated software to design the structure with the right number of support beams to meet the required specifications. Each individual component is itemized and described in terms of length, thickness, bolt holes etc. The output of the design process is then transferred to the factory where the components are made. This level of design and manufacturing detail is one of the key drivers for the success of prefabricated metal buildings as the quality of the unit is completely controlled through the design and manufacturing processes – you always get exactly what you ask for. The disadvantage is that once the design has been manufactured in the factory, it is impossible to make major changes and costly to make even minor modifications.

Some companies will sell a DIY metal building kit so that the customer takes on responsibility for the assembly of the unit on site. This is often done with a local handyman contractor to “save costs” on the overall job, however, the assembly process is often slightly more complex than it first appears and the potential for serious injury or damage to the building is high. Carport Central supplies and installs the prefabricated metal buildings that include carports, garages, barns, RV covers, workshop structures, utility buildings, outdoor storage sheds etc. without any additional cost over quoted price. This way you are guaranteed an assembly by an expert team who do this same activity week in and week out and are very familiar with the prefab metal building process and the risks. It is therefore highly recommended to avoid the DIY kits that some manufacturers offer and rather take advantage of the expert installers.

Other benefits of the prefabricated metal building option, as opposed to conventional brick and mortar or timber options, are as follows:

  • Prefab metal buildings have a substantially better fire rating than other building options. The requirements in terms of fire protection devices in the building codes as well as the distance between buildings on a site etc. are all more favorable when using steel as opposed to other materials.
  • Prefabricated metal buildings are highly flexible in design. You can specify the span of the building, length, height and virtually every parameter exactly as per the most efficient solution for your application. Because of the precision of the design and manufacture, you can be sure you will get exactly what you specify.
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