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Every structure we sell in the state of Florida requires a permit. Every county in Florida is different and may require “As built”, “Wet Stamped” or “Generic” set of drawings. “As built” is a drawing site specific to what you have ordered and the building will be engineered with the exact specification on the drawings.. These drawings cost extra anywhere between $125.00 to $200.00 and will be mailed directly from the engineer to the customer so they can pull the permit. Some counties in Florida require the manufacturing company to pull the permit and we have people in place to help and assist you through this process. In most counties the “Generic” drawings are required. That is all the customer will need to pull the permit and are available immediately after the deposit is placed. If for any reason the permit department will not let you take delivery of your structure, Carport Central will refund your deposit 100%. You will need to provide a letter from the county stating this.

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