Should You Invest in a Rent-to-Own Shed?

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Should You Invest in a Rent-to-Own Shed

Navigating Storage Solutions: Rent to Own Sheds

The demand for personal storage solutions continues to rise, and the self-storage market has become big business in America. 90% of all self-storage inventory is held in the U.S., and players like Public Storage, U-Haul, ExtraSpace Storage, and CubeSmart continue to add units around the country. Even so, renting space at an offsite self-storage facility may not be the best option for you. Depending on whether your storage needs are really short-term or long-term, it might make more sense to consider rent-to-own sheds and storage buildings.

Understanding Rent-to-Own Sheds

A rent-to-own (or RTO) shed isn’t a particular type of shed; rather, it refers to a method for getting the storage shed you need that’s different from traditional purchasing. Rent-to-own shed laws can vary by location, but essentially the process revolves around making a down payment and setting up monthly rental payments through a program that gives the buyer the option to purchase over time. If you’d like to learn more about how rent-to-own metal buildings work, check out this helpful link.

Are Rent-to-Own Sheds Worth It?

The answer to this question will ultimately come down to your individual needs, circumstances, and budget. But if you’re weighing whether to rent some offsite storage space or have your own personal storage shed installed, here are some key factors you’ll want to consider:

  • Secure Protection – Depending on what it is you want or need to store, it’s a good idea to make sure your belongings are insured against theft or damage. While many storage facilities don’t offer independent property insurance, it’s usually pretty simple to amend your homeowner’s policy to include any items you’re storing in a building located on your property.
  • Convenience – How often will you need to access your stored items? Having to make repeated trips to an offsite facility can become cumbersome, not to mention the cost of the fuel to get there and back every time. Having an RTO metal shed installed right on your own property is certainly much more convenient in terms of having easy access to your stuff.
  • Budget – What’s your budget for item storage? While monthly payments on a storage unit may not seem all that expensive, you’re also not gaining any return on your investment. For long-term storage purposes, you can actually build equity by making payments on your own rent-to-own storage shed.

The Advantages of Choosing Steel Sheds

What makes a steel shed a better storage solution than other construction options? Plenty.

  • Durability – A steel utility storage shed isn’t threatened by moisture or rot; these buildings are made to last. They also deliver superior protection from rain, snow, wind, lightning, and other severe weather threats.
  • Pest and Fire Resistance – Termites and other pests aren’t drawn to steel, and they really can’t harm it. Steel doesn’t harbor mold or mildew growth, either. And steel is also naturally incombustible, so it provides much better fire resistance than wood.
  • Customizable & Expandable – Metal shed kits and steel outdoor sheds offer greater flexibility of design too, including more usable interior space. And should your storage needs change over time, a steel structure is also easier to expand or adapt.
  • Simple to Maintain – Wooden structures require repainting or staining every few years, but you won’t have those worries with a steel storage shed. The colors are baked into the finish, and steel paneling doesn’t easily peel or fade. A steel structure is also simple to clean; a pressure washer or garden hose attachment is generally all you’ll need.

Why RTO Metal Sheds from Carport Central Are a Smart Investment

If your credit history is less than stellar, you can really benefit by choosing to partner with Carport Central to provide the reliable steel structure you need. Here are some advantages that are worth noting with our preferred RTO programs:

  • No credit check is required for buildings up to $25k
  • Same-day approval
  • Simple month-to-month payment plans
  • Pay off your balance early, with no penalty
  • RTO is a great option for getting the metal building you need now, and be able to start enjoying it right away!

There’s No Need to Look Any Further. Connect with the Pros at Carport Central Today!

With Carport Central’s industry-leading Rent-To-Own program, it’s easy for anyone and everyone to get the metal building you need. The question is no longer whether you can afford your own metal building; the only real question to ask yourself is how much longer you can afford NOT to get the protection you need for your vehicles, valuables, equipment, and other possessions! Our team is here to Provide Shelter for Your Way of Life. We’ll take the time to listen to your building needs, goals, and available budget, and then we’ll get to work to provide you with a perfect metal building to suit. Let’s get started! You can connect with us online, or for an even faster response, just pick up the phone and give us a call at (980) 321-9898 today.


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