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Why Light-Gauge Steel Buildings are Perfect for California

With all the extreme threats from Mother Nature that California residents and businesses have to face on what seems like a regular basis, it pays to choose a building material that’s truly resilient and durable. Many assume that when it comes to low-rise or mid-rise buildings, wood is still the framing material of choice. But if you’re making that assumption, you’d be wrong! Cold-formed steel is amazingly durable, reliable, AND…

Should You Install Fire Sprinklers in Your Metal Building?

  Metal buildings are a smart investment for many reasons. For starters, they’re not susceptible to the same threats and liabilities as structures made from wood. A steel building is also stronger, requires less maintenance, and lasts longer than a stick-build. The popularity of these rugged structures continues to rise across America. Homeowners, farmers, and businesses use them for a wide range of applications, including everything from carports to garages…

Now You Really CAN Design Your Perfect Metal Building Online, Thanks to the 3D Building Estimator

  The Way People Shop for Metal Buildings in America Has Changed Forever Up until recent years, about the only option you had for purchasing a custom metal building was to get in your car and head over to visit a brick-and-mortar metal buildings dealer or manufacturer. But even if you could find such a metal buildings provider in your area, the selection likely wasn’t all that great, and your…

Jazz Up the Metal Roof on Your Metal Building with Decorative Lights

When you get right down it, there’s really lots to like about having your own custom metal building conveniently located right in your own backyard. Steel structures like these are great for use as carports, garages, barns, storage sheds, workshops, man caves, she sheds, and more. And besides the pure functionality that comes from having a sturdy metal building, there are also some creative ways to dress up the look…

Why Metal Buildings are Still Big in Texas

  What Makes Texas Different Texas is the second largest U.S. state in terms of both area and population. Only Alaska is bigger in terms of size, and only California has more people. Heck, the Republic of Texas was even its own sovereign North American nation from 1835 to 1846! Even today, there are still a number of die-hard Texans who’d like nothing more than to see Texas become its…

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