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Single-Purpose Agricultural Steel Buildings Qualify for the 2018 Section 179 Tax Deduction!

  December 31 is quickly approaching, and for many businesses 2018 has been a profitable year. One thing businesses are always looking for is a legal way to shield their hard-earned profits from taxation; Section 179 tax deductions can help you do just that!  This section of the tax code was written to help small businesses that choose to invest in themselves through the purchase of qualifying property or equipment. …

How You Can Transform A Metal Building Into A Modern Metal Home

Residential steel building homes are becoming more popular. These modern metal building homes have a beautiful aesthetic. The advantages of owning residential steel building homes include lower construction costs, stronger durability, and the possibility of creating a custom design that is attractive. Another big trend is the conversion of existing metal buildings into residential spaces. Steel buildings can accommodate a large family and look great without spending a fortune on…

Modular Metal Buildings – Uses and Benefits

There are many types of modular metal buildings and a wide variety of uses for them as well.  Due to the cost effectiveness, ease of construction and portability of a modular building, they are becoming a popular option for locations that need more space but do not want to undergo the rigors of conventional construction. Modular metal buildings are basically steel buildings that are prefabricated and can then be quickly…

Why lean-to metal carports and buildings are worth it?

A lean-to carport can be a great choice for backyards that lack space and for simpler construction, that can be dismantled should there be a need. Typically, a lean-to carport leans on the side of an existing structure like a garage, shed or barn so both constructions blend in as part of the same building. Lean-to additions are a popular choice as they are easy to build and extremely cost…

Give Your Metal Building Some Pizzazz

  Steel buildings are most commonly used for carports, barns, and anything in between! However, the assumption that metal buildings are plain and boring can be proven wrong with a little effort and a lot of TLC. In fact, your metal building can be refurbished, decorated and modernized to make it a home too. Here are some customization ideas for your steel building that can make it really feel like…

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