Jazz Up the Metal Roof on Your Metal Building with Decorative Lights

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Jazz Up the Metal Roof on Your Metal Building with Decorative Lights

When you get right down it, there’s really lots to like about having your own custom metal building conveniently located right in your own backyard. Steel structures like these are great for use as carports, garages, barns, storage sheds, workshops, man caves, she sheds, and more. And besides the pure functionality that comes from having a sturdy metal building, there are also some creative ways to dress up the look of your building, too.

Metal Roofs on Metal Buildings

Question: Even though metal buildings comes in all sorts of sizes, designs, and applications, what’s one feature that every metal building has in common?

Answer: A metal roof!

What’s there to like about having a 26-gauge or 29-gauge galvanized steel roof? Plenty!

  • Metal roofs are effective The material and texture of metal roofs make it easier for rain, snow, and debris to be directed off your building vs. other comparable roofing materials. A well-installed metal roof shouldn’t allow opportunities for moisture to penetrate either, so everything your metal roof covers stays high and dry.
  • Metal is resistant to wind, fire, & lightning A metal roof can endure hurricane-force winds, is inflammable, and can actually help dissipate the impacts of a lightning strike.
  • Doesn’t rot, and won’t host mold or mildew That’s certainly not something you can say about a roof with a wood sheathing base!
  • Eco-friendly Metal roofs are made with at a percentage of recycled materials, and are 100% recyclable themselves. It can be used as the source for a rainwater harvesting system, and a metal roof also makes a nice base for attaching solar panels.
  • The sound factor There’s just something soothing about the pitter patter of rain on a metal roof!
  • Made to last 29-gauge steel is the standard paneling used for many metal building roofs, or you can also choose to upgrade to a sturdier 26-gauge if you want something even more rugged. But no matter which gauge you choose, a metal roof with the proper coating should last you for decades, if not a lifetime!

Jazz Up Your Metal Roof with Some Creative Lighting

It’s hard to argue all the functional features and benefits of having a metal roof, but metal roofed-structures aren’t always known for being show-stoppers in terms of pure aesthetic value. One simple way to jazz up the look of your building is by adding some decorative lighting to your roof’s edge! People have been mounting Christmas lights on roofs for generations, but there’s no reason you can’t adorn your metal roof with some decorative lighting in the warmer seasons, too. A tasteful string (or two) of lights hung from your metal roof is a great way to help make your whole backyard shine!

Easy Tips for Mounting Lights on Your Metal Roof

Think that having a metal roof might make mounting lights harder? Think again! Putting Christmas lights and decorations up on a shingle roof can be somewhat challenging, but hanging lights on a metal roof is actually pretty simple if you use the right mounts.

  • Magnetic Clips C7 or C9 clips are designed to work with Christmas light strings, but they can be used to play host to other types of light strings as well. The magnetic side of the clip is strong enough to hold tight through most typical weather conditions.
  • Magnetic Hooks Heavier-duty magnetic hooks also come in multi-packs, and some have a pull force of 12 lbs or greater. With that kind of strength, you can hang pretty much anything on your roof with these bad boys!
  • Plastic Clips Magnetic clips or hooks aren’t hard to find online, but a more readily-available (and sometimes cheaper) option is to go with plastic clips. Some clips can easily be snapped right onto a gutter, while others are designed to clamp onto the finished edge of your roof.
  • Magnetic Lights Of course, the easiest option would be not to need any mounts at all! Some light strings now come with a magnet built into the base of each individual light. All you have to do is space them out along the bottom of your metal roof overhang, stick them on, and you’re done! Not everyone prefers the necessary flush positioning of lights like these, but if you like simple solutions then these lights might at least be worth considering.

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Don’t have your own metal building yet? If you’re looking for a steel structure that’s rugged, reliable, AND affordable, look no further than Carport Central! We’re proud to source the very best steel buildings and structures in America! Every one of our custom buildings is made-to-order, and you can choose from an almost endless variety of customization options. Basically, if you can think it, we can help make it happen for you! Here are a few more reasons why you should look to Carport Central for your best building solution:

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Carport Central is about much more than just selling you a metal building or structure; we’re about Providing Shelter For Your Way Of Life. Reach out to us online, or give us a call at (980) 321-9898 and see the Carport Central difference for yourself!


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