Why Light-Gauge Steel Buildings are Perfect for California

Why Light-Gauge Steel Buildings are Perfect for California

With all the extreme threats from Mother Nature that California residents and businesses have to face on what seems like a regular basis, it pays to choose a building material that’s truly resilient and durable. Many assume that when it comes to low-rise or mid-rise buildings, wood is still the framing material of choice. But if you’re making that assumption, you’d be wrong!

Cold-formed steel is amazingly durable, reliable, AND cost-effective, and it’s currently being used to produce all sorts of buildings for residential, agricultural, and commercial applications in CA. You may be aware that many carports and garages are made with this metal, but light-gauge steel buildings can also be engineered and installed for a much wider range of purposes.

What makes steel a better option in CA?

For starters, steel components won’t warp, rot, crack, or chip. And also unlike wood, steel structures don’t often require repainting or re-staining, either. A steel building is engineered to withstand constant use, and it’s also better at enduring Mother Nature’s many threats, including wind, rain, snow, and lightning.

Steel buildings won’t burn!

Is steel fireproof? In the sense that it isn’t flammable, yes! Of course, a California wildfire can provide insurmountable threats that no man-made building can endure, but a steel structure stands a much better chance of protecting your precious valuables than other structures. If you opt for a stick-build or pole-barn style of structure, just know than anything made of wood WILL burst into flames when a wildfire approaches. A still structure is much more resilient, and can stand tough in the face of much tougher extremes than anything wood can endure! And speaking of common threats to wood, you won’t have any worries from termites, other pests, mold, or mildewif you choose a metal structure from Carport Central!

But what about earthquakes?

Let’s be honest – for most locations in California, earthquakes can certainly be a threat, and they’re a REAL concern if you’re located in Southern California. Are steel buildings earthquake proof?

To be fair, NO building is truly earthquake-proof. But one real benefit of going with a metal structure is the fact that steel isn’t just durable, it’s also more flexible than other building materials. Steel boasts a high strength-to-weight ratio (up to 25 times greater than wood), but it’s also highly malleable and ductile.What that means, is that a steel building is better suited to roll with the punches of an earthquake.It’s able to rock and bend with the rolling forces of earthquake waves, so a steel building has a much better chance of standing tall after those CA aftershocks have subsided. You’re likely not to be so lucky if you choose a wooden structure!

Turn to Carport Central for all your CA metal building needs!

Need a reliable steel structure in California? Carport Central has you covered! We serve the entire Golden State, we’ve been taking care of residences, businesses, and farms in California for years, AND we provide delivery and installation of your custom building at no extra charge!

And while our name may be Carport Central, carports are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we can provide for you in a custom building. Nothing we sell comes off of a shelf or out of a box; every structure we provide is custom-made, to order! We offer open-air structures; fully-enclosed buildings, and we also do combination facilities which include both open-air AND enclosed storage space.

How big do you want it? How big do you need it? We can go up to 70’, 80’, 90’, 100’, 200’, even 300’ wide if that’s what you require! You tell us what you need, and we can help you to make it happen! Or if you prefer, you can try your hand at designing your own custom steel structure online. We make it simple with our cutting-edge, easy-to-use 3D Building Design Tool, which you can access from any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone! You can start playing with the possibilities right now!

Of course, if you prefer dealing with live humans, we have a full team of those, as well! Our friendly, expert building specialists are here to help, and they can walk you through every step of the process. From design, to fabrication, to delivery & installation, to beyond, Carport Central is here to Provide Shelter for Your Way of Life in California.

Concerned about how to pay for it? No worries! We’re not just here to help you get your perfect building, we’re also here to help you be able to afford the building you need! Thanks to our exclusive relationships with preferred financial partners, we can offer you the best layaway, traditional financing, and rent-to-own options in the entire metal building industry!

What are you waiting for? You can start by reaching out to us online, or you can just give us a call today at (980) 321-9898. We’d love to have the opportunity to help you experience the Carport Central difference for yourself!


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