Add Some Multipurpose Functionality to Your Business with Metal Structures

  You Need Some Help for Your Business Running a business isn’t easy in general, and it hasn’t gotten any easier in 2022 either. Even though things with COVID have improved, many industries are still dealing with material shortages, supply chain snafus, and unanticipated price hikes. And in terms of staffing and retention, The Great Resignation is forcing many businesses to up their employee engagement games as well. All things…

10 Crucial Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Custom Metal Building

Custom Metal Buildings: What is That? The term 'custom metal building' is an overarching title used to describe any metal structure designed with custom dimensions, layouts, floorplans, and accessories. As you can imagine, the phrase encompasses most steel structures. For example, a custom metal building can be a carport, a metal garage, a commercial building, or even an industrial warehouse. So, now that we know what constitutes a custom metal…

Why Metal Garage Prices Can Vary By Location

Metal Garages Are a Fantastic Building Solution Some folks may opt to settle for a wood-framed garage by default, because that’s because they simply don’t know any better. These folks may assume that wood studs are the industry standard for any type of building framing – but they’d be wrong. Thanks to modern engineering advances with some superior materials, steel has been proven to be the construction material of choice…

Planning a New Restaurant? Set Up Your Business in a Metal Building!

  Sound crazy? Then just keep reading. Now that we’re finally moving past the pandemic, more and more folks are looking to get out and enjoy a good restaurant experience again. And if you’ve got a restaurant idea or specific menu lineup that no one else is providing in your area, then now is a GREAT time to open your own restaurant business. Granted, opening a restaurant isn’t an easy…

40x56 Barn Building with Wraparound Porch

This local family came to us in need of some large garage space for parking both a motorhome and some personal vehicles. But they wanted more than just some boxy old metal building. What they wanted was a truly unique, truly impressive-looking steel structure. And thankfully, custom steel structures are our specialty at Carport Central! We started with a 40’ x 56’ vertical roof barn design, and then added a…

Helpful Steel Building Tips
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