Steel – The Most Sustainable Building Material

  Did you know that steel is perhaps the most sustainable building material on Earth? Steel’s many benefits for use as a construction material include its strength, durability, versatility, and sustainability. Wood carries the perception of being a “standard” framing material, but more and more builders, homeowners, and businesses are seeing the advantages of choosing cold-formed steel (also known as light-gauge steel) as the main structural material for their residential,…

Factors That Affect Metal Garage Prices

  Need an outdoor building for vehicle parking, storage, farm use, or something you can use for multipurpose applications? More and more people around the country are reaping the benefits of choosing a rugged, versatile metal garage or other metal building. If you’re shopping around for the best metal structure, one of the first questions you’re probably wondering is how much will a steel garage cost? The good news is…

40 x 60 Vertical Roof Garage

  A steel garage is the perfect storage solution for your automobile, lawnmower, bikes, and other vehicles. At Carport Central, our high-quality metal garage buildings provide reliable protection and secure, dependable storage for all your outdoor valuables. Finding the best metal garages isn’t just a matter of looking for the lowest price; you should be focusing more on the quality of materials and the level of workmanship used to fabricate…

24x60 Side Entry Garage

  Many homeowners tend to think of garages as being front-entry buildings by default, but with a steel garage, you have other design options you can consider. For instance, side-entrance garages can be installed with garage doors on a long side of the structure, rather than on end. This side placement of the doors allows for more accessible access points, no matter where you place your building. Side entry garages…

30x30 Two Car Metal Garage

  Did you know that having a high-quality metal garage installed on your property could increase its value? In a study conducted by Florida State University, it was found that the addition of a new metal garage could add as much as 13% to your property value. In most cases, garages with a width between 18’ and 24’ are commonly known as two-car metal garages or double garages. They are…

Helpful Steel Building Tips
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