Metal Garage with Living Quarters: From Common Garage to Metal Home of Your Dreams

Live Your Best Life Now in a Metal Building with Living Quarters The housing market is still booming in terms of demand for homes across America. Many contractors are backed up more than one, two, even three years out! But here’s a little secret – there’s a much better option available to you than having to wait around for an overly expensive stick-build. A metal garage with living quarters really…

Designing Your Dream Metal Garage Workshop at Carport Central

Garages are for so much more than storage and parking your car. They also make fantastic workshops. Whether you’re into woodworking, art, or mechanic work, a garage is a perfect space to get your work done. We know how much of a hassle it can be to try to work inside your home or in your yard. It’s hard to store long-term projects in either of those places. That’s why…

Installing Your Own Metal Garage Kit This Winter: Cold Weather Tips & Other Important Things to Keep in Mind

  Metal Building Kit Self-Installation So, you’ve decided to install your own custom metal building. Smart choice! At Carport Central, we partner with the best manufacturers and install teams, and we install almost anywhere within the continental United States. But admittedly, building installation is tougher for us to schedule in the winter due to the availability of install crews. For that and other reasons, you may simply opt to install…


Commercial Metal Buildings Make Perfect Greenhouses

By Carport Central   |   Posted In: Garages
Commercial Metal Buildings Make Perfect Greenhouses

Is planting your profession, or is it simply a pastime you enjoy? Either way, having your own greenhouse is a gardening solution that opens up a lot of possibilities for you. Greenhouses can help you create an ideal, efficient growing environment, and they also offer you the ability to extend your growing season, among other advantages. Reasons to Go Green with Your Very Own Greenhouse In considering the benefits of…

How to Properly Assess Repairs for Your Metal Carport or Garage

While steel carports and garages are an extremely durable option for most any residential and agricultural need, they sometimes require repairs. There are some cases where the necessary repairs will be covered under your warranty, but this is not always the case. In this blog, we’ll be looking at some of the repairs you may need to make and how you can properly assess them. When Are Repairs Needed? Prefab…

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