32x25 Lean-To Metal Garage

  Lean-to metal storage buildings are a reliable, affordable upgrade from whatever you’re using for storage now. These structures can be designed to flow like a natural extension of your home or other existing building. The simple-sloped lean-to roof allows rain and snow to slide off out of the way to one side. Adding a lean-to is a great solution to help protect other vehicles, cars, trucks, campers, or farm…

40x40 Vertical Roof Metal Garage

  A vertical metal garage is the most durable, reliable garage style. With additional framing pieces such as a hat channel, ridge caps, and cross bracing, this structure provides extra protection for your property. The most common use for a vertical roof garage is to protect vehicles and equipment from foul weather, such as high winds and heavy snowfalls. The vertically-oriented panels allow all snow and rain to channel right…

44 x 48 Metal Garage Workshop

  If you’re in need of updated workspace, a modern hobby hut, or a place to store your personal belongings, we have the perfect solution for you – a custom workshop or prefab garage. Our metal workshops are the ideal option due to their reliability and ability to protect your property. One of the first choices you’ll make is how you plan to use your new steel structure. You’ll want…

30x30 Prefab Metal Building

  Are you looking for a cost-effective metal building? Prefab steel garages are an excellent choice for all your storage requirements. Prefab metal buildings also increase the value of your property and provide multipurpose usability as a workshop, garage, or storage facility. These metal buildings are also an excellent investment because they are easier and quicker to install, are durable and fire-resistant, and require less maintenance than comparable buildings made…

24x36 Side Entry Garage

  A garage not only provides additional storage and the perfect place for your vehicles, but it can also add to your property value. Side-entry garages have a few advantages over standard entry-way garages, one being convenience. If you are planning on purchasing your dream garage for your home, you should consider our side-entry garages. Here at Carport Central, we provide metal buildings with easy, affordable down payments as well…

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