Metal Buildings Are Perfect for South Carolina Drought, Wildfire, & Natural Threats

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South Carolina Climate Facts & Drought Concerns

South Carolina is surrounded on three sides by North Carolina, Georgia, and the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the Palmetto State experiences a humid subtropical climate, while the northwestern part of the state is more temperate and humid thanks to its close proximity to the Appalachian Mountains. With air that’s typically this humid, you might not think that drought would be much of a concern – but they certainly can be. In fact, moderate to severe drought conditions have become more prevalent in SC over the past twenty years. And according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, a significant portion of South Carolina is currently in abnormally dry or moderate drought conditions even as this article is being written. The NWS Climate Prediction Center’s seasonal outlook for SC predicts the area will receive below-average precipitation over the next three months, as well.


Where There’s Drought, There’s Often Fire

While South Carolina isn’t notorious for wildfires on the same scale as western states like California, wildfires can and do break out here. Wildfires are actually one of the most common natural hazards in SC. Approximately 5,000 wildfires occur in South Carolina each year, affecting tens of thousands of acres. With limited precipitation in recent weeks, the drought threat has continued to grow, leaving many in SC worried that a busy fire season might be ahead. The largest number of wildfires in South Carolina occur as a result of careless debris burning.


Choose a Metal Building Solution That Delivers Proven Performance Value

What makes metal buildings SC a better choice? For starters, a building framed with steel tubing is amazingly durable, reliable, AND cost-effective. Light gauge steel is used to fashion a variety of building solutions for residential, agricultural, and commercial applications – all of which are perfect for South Carolina. You probably already know that many carports and garages are constructed with metal, but steel-framed buildings can also be engineered and installed for all sorts of purposes.

40x61x14 Commercial Garage


Why Steel Makes Sense in SC

For starters, steel building components don’t warp, rot, crack, or chip. And unlike wood buildings, steel structures don’t require repainting or restaining, either. A steel building is engineered to withstand constant use, and is better poised for enduring Mother Nature’s many threats, including wildfires. Is steel a fireproof material? In a literal sense, no – there’s really no such thing as a completely fireproof building. But the International Building Code recognizes that steel construction is non-combustible, which means there are significant advantages to choosing steel over combustible wood construction. A steel structure is much better at protecting your valuables and possessions from fire than other comparable structures. Steel buildings don’t present the same worries with termites, pests, mold, or mildew either.


Better Protection from Earthquakes, Too

Another natural hazard that’s more common to South Carolina than many realize is earthquakes. Earthquakes are nothing new to SC, particularly in the coastal region. In 1886, Charleston was home to the largest recorded earthquake in the history of the southeastern United States, registering a magnitude of at least a 7. Could another earthquake with similar destructive potential occur in SC? Seismic experts really can’t say. Smaller-scale earthquakes are still common in the state, and there’s really no way to know whether these smaller quakes could be foreshadowing something more dire.

Another advantage of choosing a metal structure is the fact that steel isn’t just durable, it’s also more ductile as building materials go. Steel boasts a high strength-to-weight ratio (up to 25 times greater than wood), but it’s also highly malleable. A steel building is better suited to roll with the punches of an earthquake, since it’s able to rock and bend with the rolling forces of earthquake waves. You simply can’t expect the same type of flexibility with a wooden structure, or with a building constructed with other materials.

26x36x12 Extended Double Garage


Turn to Carport Central for All Your SC Metal Building Needs!

Need a reliable steel structure in South Carolina? Carport Central has you covered! We serve the entire Palmetto State, and we’ve been taking care of residences, businesses, and farms in SC for years. And while our name may be Carport Central, carports are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we can provide you in a custom metal building. Ready to get the best prefab metal building at competitive metal building prices? We can help you to protect both people and property from the next weather event, fire event, or whatever may come your way.

But what about metal building kits? Yep, we can help you design a custom metal building kit too, if you’re looking for something you can install yourself. Every metal structure we provide is custom made-to-order, and that includes our metal building kits as well. Whether you need a garage, barn, utility building, workshop, retail storefront, warehouse, manufacturing facility, production facility, office, barndominium, metal home, OR carport – we’ve got you covered at Carport Central! Our headquarters are located in NC, and we’re happy to serve our neighbors in SC, along with nearly all of the rest of the continental U.S.

Got some questions? Ready to get your metal building order started? You can connect with us online, or simply give us a call at (980) 321-9898 to speak with one of our friendly building experts today.

Just remember, Carport Central is about much more than just selling you a metal building.

We’re Here to Provide Shelter for Your Way of Life!


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