A Guide to Standard Garage Sizes

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A Guide to Standard Garage Sizes

What Size Garage Do I Need?

What size garage do you need? Ultimately, that depends on the number and size of vehicles you need to house, and on how else you plan to use your garage building. One advantage of choosing a steel garage is that it offers you a great deal of flexibility in terms of design and dimensions. You can use a steel garage building for much more than just parking cars!

Typical Metal Garage Dimensions

If you’re primarily looking for a space to shelter and protect your vehicles, it does help to be able to accurately estimate how big of a garage you’ll need. Start by understanding the typical dimensions of vehicles in common categories. Most every passenger vehicle is between 6 and 7 feet in width, and vehicle length can range anywhere from 14 feet for a compact car to around 19 feet for a truck, van, or SUV. Common vehicle height varies between 4.5 and 6 feet, with some higher-profile vehicles coming closer to 7 feet. While there really is no one set “standard” for standard metal garage sizes, below are some common dimensions of garages designed to accommodate one, two, three, and four vehicles.

When it comes to planning for garage space, you want to allow enough space to be able to fit your vehicle comfortably. You also need to have enough margin to be able to open the doors to your car and truck and still be able to navigate around it inside your garage. A common standard width for single-car metal garages is 12′, with length starting at around 21′. Of course, you can always go wider and/or longer if you’re looking to store more than just your vehicle. The height of your building is customizable too, but 8′ is a good starting place to consider. What about the garage door? 8′ in width is the bare minimum for getting a car in and out, but most experts recommend going with a 9′-wide or even a 10′-wide garage door. The additional foot or two may not sound like much, but that extra cushion can make a big difference when it comes to maneuvering and parking.

What’s the ideal size for a 2-car or double garage? Steel garages for two vehicles are commonly built in widths ranging from 18′ to 24′. 18′ is the bare minimum for squeezing in two vehicles, but you’d really be better off going with a width of at least 20′. A 24′-wide garage design offers even more flexibility. With a 2-car garage of that size, you can design your custom building to include separate garage doors for each vehicle, and still have room to insert a walk-in door between the two bays.

Considering putting in a 3-car garage? Triple garages are commonly built in widths between 26′ and 30′. How wide should your garage be? Start by noting the dimensions of the vehicles you need to park. Three mid-sized passenger cars will typically fit in a 26′-wide triple garage. What if you have three trucks to park? In that case, you’ll probably want to look at going with a 30′-wide triple garage. Trucks are taller than cars, too, so you’ll want to consider a building that can accommodate a garage door height of 8′. A nice feature of going with a triple metal garage is that it offers you more flexibility for storage and other uses. For example, you could set aside two bays for vehicle parking, and then reserve the third bay for additional storage, designated workshop space, a place for pursuing hobbies, or whatever you want!

    • 4-Car Garage Dimensions

Need a garage large enough to accommodate four vehicles? Metal garages can easily be designed to meet your needs, even on lots that may not have a lot of wiggle room in terms of depth. Consider a 20’W x 50’L x 12’H metal garage, for example. A steel building of those dimensions can be designed to include four 11’x11′ entry spaces on the side. These entries are plenty wide and tall for parking not just personal vehicles, but tractors and other types of equipment as well. One of these quad garages is a versatile solution for home, farm, or even commercial applications!

With Steel, You Decide the Standards of Your Standard Garage

As mentioned above, there is no single “standard” when it comes to metal garage dimensions, especially when you choose to partner with Carport Central! None of our buildings comes out of a box, or off of some warehouse shelf. Each of our structures is built-to-order, and is specifically designed to match your exact needs and wants. In this blog we’ve examined some typical garage sizes, but the width, length, and height you choose for your custom garage is completely up to you! You’ve got other options, too. Which roof style would you prefer – regular, A-frame (boxed eave), or vertical? Are you satisfied with industry-standard 14-gauge steel framing and 29-gauge steel paneling, or would you prefer to upgrade to sturdier 12-gauge framing and 26-gauge paneling? We also offer you options when it comes to garage doors, walk-in doors, windows, and open frame-outs entries. You can also choose from a palette of colors or color combinations for your building’s exterior features. Plus, we can certify your garage to meet any needed wind or snow load requirements.

Why Choose Carport Central for Your Standard Metal Garage?

Simply put, we hold ourselves to a higher standard with everything we do at Carport Central, so your custom garage – along with your entire experience with us – will be anything but standard!

  • We are the premier provider of metal structures across the continental United States, and we only partner with the best local manufacturers in America
  • You can take advantage of our 3D Building Designer to come up with your OWN ideal garage layout in just minutes, all from the convenience of your laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • We offer the best financing and rent-to-own options you’ll find anywhere, because we’re serious about helping you get the metal garage you need
  • NOBODY beats our level of customer experience and customer service; we’re proud to consistently maintain the BBB’s highest rating of A+

At Carport Central, we’re about much more than just selling you a custom metal building – we’re about Providing Shelter for Your Way of Life. Give us a call today at (980) 321-9898, and experience the Carport Central difference for yourself!


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