Why 12-Gauge Steel is a Better Material for Metal Carports & Metal Buildings

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When it comes to a durable and dependable option to protect your vehicles, metal carports are hands down the best solution. Traditionally, metal buildings have 14-gauge steel framing and 29-gauge steel roof paneling. But did you know that there’s an even more protective option than what comes standard? There is, and we offer it at Carport Central!

At Carport Central, you have the option to get extra reliable 12-gauge metal framing and 26-gauge roof paneling on your metal carport. So, what do these numbers actually mean? And what would be the best gauge for your metal building? Keep reading to find out!

Understanding the Gauge System


Deciding on the steel gauge to use for your metal building is one of the biggest decisions that you can make. That’s because a gauge is a measure of how thick the metal is. So, essentially when you choose the gauge, you’re choosing the level of protection that you want your building to have.

The higher the number of a gauge is, the thinner the steel is. That’s why 12-gauge framing is stronger than 14-gauge framing. If you’re looking for an even more specific answer, 14-gauge steel is 0.0785 inches thick, while 12-gauge steel is 0.1084 inches thick.

No matter what gauge you go with, both 12-guage and 14-guage steel buildings are the most popular and economical choices in the industry. However, 12-guage certified carports are considered to be stronger because of the thickness. These buildings are most often used for workshops, storage buildings, parking garages, retail stores, auto repair shops, industrial buildings, and more.

Why Galvanized Steel is an Ideal Approach?

Our steel carports and kits are engineered with the toughest steel there is. We mean it! That’s because it’s galvanized. So, no matter if you go with 12-guage or 14-gauge framing, you’re getting the strongest steel option out there.

You may be wondering what exactly galvanized means, right? Galvanization is the process where steel sheets are coated with liquid zinc. This new protective layer adds resistance to peeling, rusting, and any issues you would normally face with untreated metal. The zinc coating is usually applied through a process known as Hot Dip Galvanizing, where the steel sheets are dipped into the hot liquid metal. This causes the zinc to form unbreakable bonds with the steel.

What’s the Difference Between 12-Gauge & 14-Gauge Steel Tung?


We even construct our carports with durable steel tubing, so your building is secure the entire way through.

Steel tubing, or framing, is what we use to construct the skeleton of your metal carport or metal carport kits. This skeleton consists of the overhead rafters, the base rail that the anchors secure into, and the vertical posts that support the walls. Our steel buildings are typically manufactured and priced with 14-gauge steel. This is the standard, most economical option. However, we always offer our customers 12-gauge framing instead. If you want that extra security for your steel carport, don’t hesitate to ask!

What’s the Difference Between 29-Gauge & 26-Gauge Sheet Metal?

Most of us know what sheet metal is. You probably have an image in your head of long, thin sheets of metal that have a little bit of give, right? Well, you’re correct, because that’s exactly what it is. At Carport Central, you can even choose the thickness of your sheet metal too.

Our metal carport kits and metal buildings are priced and manufactured with 29-gauge roof paneling. This is the most budget-friendly option, and is usually what our customers choose. However, we always offer 26-gauge sheet metal in case our customers are looking for something even more secure and durable than our standard options. If this is what you want, all you have to do is ask, and we can make it happen!

Why You Should Upgrade

If 14-gauge steel is the standard, you may be asking yourself why 12-gauge would be any better. There are actually lots of reasons why you would consider upgrading your metal carport to a 12-guage instead.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you would want to go above the standard and choose a 12-guage over a 14-guage:

• You have an industrial building

We highly recommend you upgrade your steel framing and roof paneling if you plan to use your building for industrial purposes. Thicker steel can support a heavier snow load and give you the reassurance that your building and the things inside of it will be safe and sound.

• You want more peace of mind

Whether you’re afraid of falling debris or extreme weather, choosing to upgrade your steel carport will give you the peace of mind you desire. Your building will be extra secure and will definitely last a lifetime.

• You live in an area with frequent heavy snows or high winds

Stronger steel helps protect you and your stuff from heavy snow and high winds. If you’re looking to increase your snow loads and wind resistance, upgrading your steel is a great way to do so.

• Building requirements

In some cases, you may actually be required to go with a sturdier steel option. This may happen especially if you live in a Northeastern state where the snow accumulations are pretty high. Your local government officials may require certain certifications, which include a stronger gauge.

• The price is right

Honestly, you may consider going with a thicker gauge just because the price is that good! At Carport Central, we offer the best 12-gauge buildings at the most competitive price in the industry.

Choosing the Best

Carport Central is the premier provider of all things metal building related. We have the best materials to provide you with the highest quality metal buildings in the market. Not only do we offer the best metal buildings, we also have the best customer service in the industry. Our building experts are phenomenal; they’re knowledgeable and ready to answer all of your questions. So, what are you waiting for? Let us help you completely customize the carport you’ve been dreaming about. Call Carport Central today at (980) 321-9898!


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