Why 30×40 Metal Buildings are Perfect for Grain Storage

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Indoor Grain Storage and Metal Buildings

For farmers, finding a solution for grain storage needs is an incredibly important aspect of the job. In addition to being a valuable food crop, grain is also the primary food source for many farm animals, and thus it needs to be protected from moisture and pests. There’s no better way to ensure that than by using metal buildings.

Steel buildings have become a favorite option among farmers and agricultural businesses due to their weather-resistant capabilities and cost-effectiveness.

30×40 Steel Buildings For Grain Storage

A 30×40 metal building provides an absolute ton of open square footage for its size, making it a fantastic option for owners seeking plenty of storage space. This makes it a perfect choice for grain storage! Steel buildings also provide a ton of flexibility, giving you the ability to use the building for many various purposes beyond storage.

Steel buildings are resistant to fire, weather, moisture, and mold – all devastating issues for any grain storage operation. Above the obvious fire hazards present with any particulate, farmworkers understand just how crucial reducing moisture is to preserving their grain.


Investing in a 30×40 Metal Building

When you make a choice to purchase a metal building, you’re making an investment that’s going to stand the test of time. Wooden stick-built buildings also appreciate over time, but they can’t quite compare to the advantages of pure American steel. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest benefits to owning a 30×40 metal building:

• Resistant to Storms and Hurricanes

Steel buildings are constructed from premium galvanized steel and designed to flex slightly, allowing them to withstand gusts, rain, snow, hurricanes, and pretty much anything else you could throw at it. They are even engineered to withstand seismic activity. These qualities make metal buildings the perfect choice for storing your grain!

• Metal Buildings Can Easily Be Insulated

Metal Buildings can be insulated, reducing moisture while keeping the interior space at a reasonable ambient temperature. Many farmers have a specific temperature preference when it comes to storing their grain, and our buildings are excellent for maintaining temperature and humidity-controlled environments. An ideal climate is imperative for grain and food storage to prevent the crop spoilage and the growth of mold.

• Ventilation

Speaking of providing an ideal climate, ventilation is an absolute must! Grain needs plenty of aeration to prevent spoilage at the center of the pile. Our metal buildings allow for a ton of customizations, giving you the ability to pick just how many windows and doors you’ll need in your storage space.

• Pesky Critters Aren’t Welcome Here!

Another great advantage of choosing a steel structure over stick-built alternatives is the prevention of pests! Steel has nothing to offer termites, rodents, or vermin, and as a result, your grain storage building will have a natural resistance to these unwanted creatures! This will save you money on pesticides and other pest control measures.

• Clear Span Style Buildings Provide a Ton of Storage Space

These types of buildings are designed to safely stand without the need for any internal structural supports, leaving you with 1,200 square feet of clear, open operating space. Now that’s a lot of room for a wide array of activities and perfect for storing large quantities of grain.

• Longevity

Galvanized steel is forged to withstand some of the toughest conditions known to man. Resistant to wind, pests, moisture, and rust, our 30×40 metal buildings are designed for a lifetime of service. If properly maintained, these structures can last longer than most stick-built buildings, saving you tons of money in costly repairs over the years.

• Less Maintenance

30×40 metal buildings require a lot less upkeep compared to most wooden counterparts. Our steel is galvanized, making them resistant to moisture damage and the effects of rust, which keeps you from having to make repeated, costly repairs over the years. These savings will add up, making steel structures the more cost-effective solution when it comes to new construction.

Budgeting for Your 30×40 Metal Building

Before buying your new metal grain storage building, you’ll need to draft a budget for the project. Like most larger construction projects, many variables come into play when it comes to price, and you’ll need to plan accordingly. Here are some of the most significant factors in metal building prices:

1. Size

Your metal building can be just about any size you’d like, but keep in mind that the cost of the materials and construction will increase for a larger-sized building. Another consideration will be the size of the land on which you intend to place the structure. Is it big enough to accommodate your building?

2. Location

Where you intend to build is a huge variable that affects the cost of your metal building. Our steel structures are engineered to most state load certifications, and areas prone to extreme weather conditions will cost more to meet those demands.

3. Add-Ons

Adding custom touches to any home or vehicle will incur additional costs. Our metal buildings have tons of customization options that will affect the final price.

4. Certifications

As mentioned previously, our metal buildings are engineered to meet or exceed the zoning regulations in your area. This process makes purchasing our building a streamlined process, but regions with more extreme weather conditions like Florida and Louisiana require more stringent codes than surrounding states.


Prefab Metal Building Kits from Carport Central

Some people will want an installation crew to handle the process of raising your new 30×40 metal building, but other folks are more of the DIY type. That’s one of the reasons we’re proud to offer prefab metal building kits! By waiving the installation crew, you can save money and take pride in doing the job yourself.

But before you strap on your handy dandy tool belt and channel Tim Taylor, let’s address the fact that a 30×40 metal building is a large, intricate project that will require more than the layman’s approach. We do not provide installation instructions, only engineer’s drawings. Our prefab kits are best for customers that have their own installation team or, at a minimum, have previous construction experience.

Your prefab metal building kit will come with everything you’ll need to get started:

  • Steel Framing
  • Steel Roof Paneling
  • Steel Wall Paneling
  • Foundation Anchors
  • Doors and Windows
  • Purlins, Girts, and Trusses
  • Fasteners (Bolts, Nuts, and Screws)

Carport Central’s prefab kits are an excellent option for those seeking a project or for others wanting to save money on installation costs. Metal building kits also give you the freedom to install your building on your own time, taking the headache out of scheduling convenient construction times.

Storing Grain: What You’ll Need to Know

When it comes to grain storage, metal buildings are one of the best solutions in terms of cost and overall benefits. But there are quite a few things you’ll want to know about storing your grain!

1. Store Quality Grain

If you’re storing various grains, like corn, you’ll want to take special note of the type and maturity of the grains themselves. More mature grains tend to fair better when stored for longer periods of time.

2. Keep Your Grain Cool

Keeping your grain at a certain temperature range will have a tremendous effect on the longevity of your crop. Many farmers suggest keeping grains within 15 degrees of ambient outside temperature, but these opinions can vary. Other farmers recommend storing grain at roughly 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Check Grain Frequently

Just like any valuable crop, you’re going to want to inspect it regularly to prevent infiltration from pests or moisture. The rule of thumb here is to follow this practice at least once a week.

Carport Central Has the Metal Building of Your Dreams!

If you’re looking for a solid, quality-built structure to house your grain, Carport Central has the solution! We are experts in the design and construction of steel structures, and we want to help you find the building that’s just right for you. Our specialists are dedicated to answering any question you may have regarding the design, construction, and financing of your new 30×40 metal building. We’re proud to be one of the largest metal building providers in the US, serving almost every state in the country. Give us a call today at (980) 321-9898 and let one of our knowledgeable representatives assist you in designing your new customized metal building!


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