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40 x 61 x 14 Two-Tone Clear Span Metal Building

Carport central provides the most versatile structures on the market such as clear span metal building with unlimited customization options. The design we build is durable and can be used in the most corrosive environments too.

Clear span buildings are a great storage option because it doesn’t have any internal support posts. The wide range of applications for metal buildings makes them prime investments and a wise decision for both homeowners and business establishments. Utilize them as Auto dealerships, repair shops, warehouse or store your heavy equipment, vehicles, garden tools and much more.


40 X 60 Clear Span Metal Building:

This building utilizes certified material and allows customers to take advantage of a lot of benefits and provides the strength of metal cladding. It features (3) 12’ x 12’ Garage doors with 45-degree frame-outs on the front, (4) 30” x 30” Windows and (1) 36” x 80” Man door on one side. Building rated for 30psf, and higher snow loads up to 90lbs are available depending on what your requirements are.

It has a vertical roof style which is excellent to handle snow, and wind load with a 14 gauge frame used all over the structure. As this is a storage structure, the sides and ends are closed. However, you can customize the way you want according to your needs.

This 40 X 60 clear span metal building comes with a one year warranty of quality, ten years of warranty on the panel and the 14 gauge frames utilized have 20-year rust through warranty.

Deposit $5,436.00 down payment and get this 40’ x 61’ x 14’ Two-Tone Workshop building includes delivery and installation. Interested in our custom metal workshop structure? Visit Carport Central Workshops OR talk to us at +1 (980) 321-9898 and get a free quote NOW!

Final pricing of this metal building is $33,975.00 plus local tax. Less upfront payment with our easy and flexible “Rent-To-Own” and “Financing” programs are available in most areas.

Color your carport using our carport color visualizer tool:

Carport central provides you an option to choose the right colors for your carport roof, trim color, and wall color. You can try out various color combinations to complement your building and get the same applied to a vibrant and fade-resistant finish for years to come.

Carport Central Clear Span Building:

If you have any specific requirements that you would wish for your prefabricated steel building, then CALL US +1 (980) 321-9898 and share your building requirements. We will be happy to help you. Remember; we DO NOT provide groundwork preparation or concrete, and the surface must be level for us to install your metal building.

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