40×40 Metal Building

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40x40 Metal Building

When you buy a building to store your equipment, park your trucks or campervans, shelter your machinery, equipment, or tools, and trust anything other than metal is risky. Prefabricated metal buildings are no wonder stronger, longer lasting, safer and can serve with secure storage for years if properly maintained. At Carport Central, all metal buildings offer a wide variety of custom options to meet your storage needs; These buildings are constructed of high-quality galvanized steel tubing of 12 or 14 gauge and 29 or 26- gauge sheets to ensure the protections for years.

40×40 Metal Building

 This 40 ‘wide and 40’ long metal building is designed to cover an area of 1600 square foot without any posts. The vertical panel roof and siding of this fully enclosed 40×40 building will allow snow to slide easily. Addition of 9×12 feet of garage door according to customer requirements, where you can try several combinations of garage doors according to your needs – garage doors in the front or side on both sides; Infinite options to better use walls and add components in this 40×40 metal building.


This 40×40 metal building is perfect if you are looking to expand your business or project, with a height of 14 feet, all your machines, vehicles, trucks, campers, campers and trucks can easily get through the door. The prefabricated 40×40 metal building is delivered and installed on the level ground regardless of concrete, asphalt, soil or soil.


The exact dimensions of the steel frame are 40 ‘wide x 40’ long x 14 ‘high, but the indicated length is 41’ because the frame is always a foot shorter than the actual length due to the overhang of 6 “. The concrete slab of your 40×40 metal building should be 40 feet wide and 40 feet long, in some cases 42×42 to get additional support of 1’. The two-tone paneling of this 40×40 metal building adds to the aesthetic and removes the boring look. The prefabricated 40×40 ‘photo building is installed for only $ 21,685.00 plus local tax and available with a minimum down payment of $ 3,469.


Visit×40-commercial-garage for more information or call us at 980-321-9898 for a quick quote TODAY!! Early down payment through our full capital leasing and financing programs. There are many other options available to make this 40×40 metal building the way you need, additional walk-in doors, windows, garage doors, frames, insulation, etc. and get an exact building of your needs. The choice of colors is all yours, at no additional cost.

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