40×80 Prefab Steel Building

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40x80 Prefab Steel Building (2)

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40×80 Prefab Steel Building


This 40×80 Prefab Steel Building is one of the strongest structures with a clear span storage space of 3200 square feet to store your heavy machinery or large vehicles and safeguard them from any harsh elements that can lead to damages.

All the walls – Sides and Ends are closed with vertical panel systems of 14-gauge galvanized steel sheet; the vertical orientated panel is the best option for the snowy regions, it lets the snow slide-off easily without much labor work.

Our 40’ x 80’ Steel Buildings can go as tall as 20’ to get a perfect clearance for your RVs and trucks, the pictured 40×80’ steel building is 14 tall with a 10×12’ garage door on the front end and one 36×80” walk-in door on the sidewall.

Extra Wide Steel Buildings like 40x80x14 prefab steel buildings comes with stronger truss, double legs and double base-rails for added strengths and durability. These buildings are also certified for harsh weather and have added bracing on each leg and in the center of the steel frame.


We offer many options to customize this 40×80 feet steel building including its sizing, different roof patterns, truss systems, paneling, certification & gauge, color options, wainscot, insulation and putting components such as garage doors, walk-in doors, windows, frame-outs, etc.

All our prefabricated steel buildings are delivered and installed on the level ground regardless of concrete, asphalt, soil or soil. The choice of colors is all yours, at no additional cost. Check out this building on Facebook and like our page to stay on the lookout for new buildings. Visit here –

The exact dimensions of the steel frame are 40 ‘wide x 80’ long x 14 ‘high, but our standard lengths are always a foot longer than the frame due to the overhang of 6 “. The concrete slab of your 40×80 ‘metal building should be 40 feet wide and 80 feet long, in some cases 42×82 to get the additional support of 1’. This prefabricated 40×80’ steel building is installed for only $ 36,430 plus local tax and available with a minimal down payment of $ 5,828.

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