6 Reasons to Choose a Metal Building Home, and 7 Tips for Planning Your Metal Building Home Project

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6 Reasons to Choose a Metal Building Home, and 7 Tips for Planning Your Metal Building Home Project

Planning for Your New Home? How Exciting!

Got some land set aside for putting in your new homeplace? If so, that’s a great position to be in, and now you’re ready for the fun part – designing the home of your dreams!

But unless you’re blessed with unlimited funds, then you also need to find a place where your dreams for a new home can line up with your real-world budget. To that end, metal building homes can really be a perfect solution.

Why? Steel building homes are both strong and weather-resistant, require very little maintenance, and can be customized any way you like. And if price matters to you, you should know that metal homes are more cost-effective to build per square foot, too.

Why Consider a Metal Building Home?

If you’re not familiar with barndominiums, metal building homes, or other similar specialty metal buildings, that’s certainly a fair question. Well, we’re here to assure you that metal building homes really are indeed a thing, and in fact, they’re a good thing!

You should know that Carport Central has designed, delivered, and installed many metal buildings with living quarters for property owners all over the country. If you haven’t given much thought to using a steel-framed structure as your primary residence or other residential structure, there are lots of reasons why you should.

Steel buildings are stronger and more weather-resistant than comparable stick builds, and also need less maintenance. Let’s look closer at what makes a steel home a better home:

Cheaper to build

With rising construction costs across the board, building prices are as important to new homebuyers as ever. But while material costs have risen for essentially every building material, it’s less expensive to build with steel. For perspective, a steel-framed home is typically some 30% cheaper to build than a wood-framed home. And the larger your home design, the more you can save per square foot by going with steel!

Flexible building design

Would you like to have a spacious interior layout, with the possibility of including high ceilings? If so, a metal building home can provide that for you. The steel framing supports the full weight of the roof and building without any need for interior columns or poles. You can divide up, customize, and personalize your interior floor space any way you like!

→ Faster home construction

A wood-framed home can take months or longer to construct. But metal home installation is a more streamlined process. Each custom steel building component is manufactured, pre-measured, and pre-cut ahead of time, so your steel home goes up faster, with less needed labor. You can even go with a custom metal building home kit that you install yourself!

Greater energy efficiency potential

Think a wood-framed home is more energy-efficient? Think again. A well-insulated metal home can actually be 40% more energy-efficient than a stick build.

Why? Steel framing is more dense and compact, so there’s more cavity space you can fill with insulation. This equates to less demand on your HVAC system, and thus lower heating & air costs.

The proven strength and ruggedness of steel

Galvanized steel is sturdy and long-lasting. It’s more weather-resistant than wood, and it’s also more pest-resistant, fire-resistant, and lightning-resistant. And since steel structures are so resilient, they’re often cheaper to insure, as well.

Eco-friendly, too

Trees may be renewable, but that isn’t always the case with construction-grade lumber. Our steel, on the other hand, includes a percentage of recycled content, and is itself 100% recyclable. And with pre-measured, pre-cut steel building components, there’s essentially no construction site waste material to have to put in a landfill.

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7 Steps for Planning Your Perfect Metal Building Home

1. What do you need in a metal building home?

Deciding what you want or need in a custom metal building is the first place to start. How do you plan to use your building? Will it all be residential space, or do you also want to build in some garage space or other storage space? Which parts of your building do you intend to finish? And which building customizations would you like to include? Answering these sorts of basic questions first will help you choose the right metal building solution to suit your needs.

2. Settle on building dimensions and design preferences.

Many prefer a barn-style barndominium design, but you have other building style options too. It’s also important to decide how much building space you really need. Carport Central can deliver a metal building with however much square footage you’d like. Many new homeowners make the mistake of not choosing a building size that’s big enough to grow with. It would be more cost-effective to opt for a bigger building now, rather than having to fund a second building expansion down the road. Want to try your hand at designing your own custom metal building from scratch? You can, with Carport Central’s 3D Building Estimator!

3. Choose the right metal building provider.

Lots of metal building dealers can sell you a carport or garage, but few have the needed expertise and experience in providing metal buildings that are specifically engineered for residential human occupancy. Carport Central has been providing and installing metal homes for years, and we’re uniquely poised to get you exactly what you need in a barndominium or other custom metal building home.

4. Obtain the needed building permits.

Once you place your building order, you’ll also need to see about obtaining whatever permits are required for your local area. Engineering plans may need to be submitted as well; we can help you with that. Your metal building home will probably also need to be certified; Carport Central can provide buildings rated to meet any minimum local wind and snow load requirements.

5. Make sure your site is ready.

If your site isn’t already level, it will need to be made level before the scheduled installation date. Most metal building providers don’t provide groundwork or poured foundation services, so these are things you’ll need to take care of on your end beforehand.

6. Let the fun begin!

Watching your metal building home go up is where the fun really begins. Just clear the way, and let the professional installers do their thing! Installing a custom metal building goes exponentially more quickly than traditional wood-framed construction. The exact length of installation time will depend upon the size of your building, and on what types of specialized equipment may be needed. But most installers can erect a prefabricated steel building in just a day or two. Then you’ll be ready to have your local finishing contractors to come in and get your home move-in ready!

7. Final building inspection.

Each aspect of your custom metal building project – including the foundation, structure, wiring, plumbing, etc. – must pass inspection upon completion. Your local inspector will check everything to make sure it’s up to code and will flag any issues that may need correcting. But if you partner with the right metal building provider, to begin with, the inspection process is usually smooth sailing. Carport Central employs the best building specialists in the business, and we maintain an in-house staff of certified engineering professionals, too.

What Does a Metal Building Home Cost?

The answer to that question will ultimately depend upon several important factors, including the size and design of your building, the gauges of steel framing and paneling you choose, and which other building customizations you select.

But while construction material costs have gone up in general, a steel home from Carport Central is still your most cost-effective option. And we’re committed to getting you the best metal building at the best price, too!

Carport Central Has You Covered!

Carport Central is the premier online provider of custom metal structures in America. We partner with the best American metal building manufacturers, and we serve individuals and businesses in 46 states. Nobody beats our building selection and customization options, and our residential metal building engineering is second-to-none.

But what about metal building financing options? We’ve got you covered there, too. Carport Central has THE BEST metal building financing solutions in the industry, including some exclusive metal building home mortgage plans!

You can reach out to us online, or you can connect even faster by giving us a call at (980) 321-9898 today!

Experience the Carport Central difference for yourself. What’s Central to You, Is Central to Us!


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