8 Metal Building Myths and Misconceptions in North Carolina

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If you’re a resident of North Carolina, chances are very good that you’ve seen a few metal carports, garages, and barns installed on private property, commercial property, farmland, or all of the above. And if you have, there’s a good reason for that – there are more metal buildings companies operating in NC than anywhere else in the nation! Even so, folks in and around The Old North State still tend to carry some misconceptions where metal buildings are concerned. Below are a few of the more common myths and misconceptions people share, along with the real truth about these versatile steel structures.

8 Common Misconceptions About Metal Buildings in NC


MYTH #1: Metal buildings rust easily

FACT: While some older types of metal buildings can be prone to rust, you won’t have those same issues with a structure that’s framed and covered with galvanized steel. Pre-engineered steel buildings (PEMBs) aren’t as susceptible to moisture damage, and are built to last for decades. In many cases, a PEMB will outlast you!

MYTH #2: Metal buildings are flimsy

FACT: Structures engineered with steel tube framing and steel paneling are actually some of the strongest buildings around. Cold-formed steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any commonly available construction material, up to 25 times greater than that of wood. You can also choose from various gauges of steel for the framing and paneling of your structure, depending upon the specific demands to be placed upon your intended building application.

MYTH #3: Metal buildings interfere with electronic devices, cell phones, and Wi-Fi

FACT: This simply isn’t the case. Steel buildings haven’t been shown to interfere with any electronics, mobile devices, or Wi-Fi connections. If this were the case, you’d have trouble using your phone in most any grocery store or office building! The fact of the matter is that electromagnetic waves can pass through a metal building as easily as they can through other common types of structures.

MYTH #4: Metal buildings attract lightning

FACT: While it’s true that metal is a natural conductor, a metal building doesn’t tend to attract lightning any more than a wood-framed structure does. And in the event lightning does strike your metal building, you’re actually better protected in a metal structure than in another type of building. Why? Metal buildings are positive conductors to the earth, meaning that the impacts of a lightning strike are diffused through the metal and channeled directly to the ground. If you’re ever in an electrical storm, a metal building is really one of the safest places to be!

MYTH #5: Metal buildings fall short of quality building standards

FACT: This is another myth circulated about prefab steel buildings which simply isn’t true. The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) convened a committee to develop benchmark specifications for cold-formed steel structural design way back in 1938, and they’ve been helping to pave the way for steel building applications ever since. Other drivers in the industry include the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA), Metal Construction Association (MCA), Steel Framing Alliance (SFA), and Light-Gauge Steel Engineers Association (LGSEA). All of which is to say that a structure framed with steel tubing can be built to meet any local building code, as well as any minimum wind and snow load requirements. In fact, a well-constructed metal building can withstand hurricane-force winds which might topple a comparable stick build.

MYTH #6: Metal buildings are all uncustomizable and boring

FACT: Who says a metal building has to be boring, boxy, and uncreative? At Carport Central, your metal building customization options are practically limitless! Because of the strength of steel framing, a prefab metal building lends itself to architectural layouts where the floor and roof systems can be fully supported without any need for internal columns or support posts. This opens up the possibility of creating clear-span floor space that can be divided up and used any way you like. The exterior of a metal building is completely customizable, too. There are lots of popular building designs available, and you can pretty much choose whatever building dimensions and exterior colors you prefer. Want to try your hand at designing your own custom metal building? Take a test drive on our 3D Building Design Tool. It’s easy to use, and can be accessed on any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With metal building engineering and technology like this, the only real limit is your imagination!

MYTH #7: Metal buildings are complicated to construct

FACT: This is one of the most common misconceptions about metal buildings. Precision-fabricated PEMBs are actually much simpler to install than comparable stick builds, and can be constructed much faster with less needed labor. In fact, if you’re someone who likes to work with your hands, Carport Central provides prefab metal building kits that you can design and customize any way you like. You’ll receive a building purchase discount by going the DIY route, and you’ll also have the satisfaction (and bragging rights) that come along with being able to put up your own building yourself!

MYTH #8: Metal buildings are too expensive

FACT: It’s true that construction costs have gone up industry-wide thanks to materials shortages and supply chain issues, no matter whether you’re building with metal, wood, or anything else. But is a steel-framed building more expensive than a stick-built structure? Not necessarily! In truth, the cost per square foot to build with metal is much more competitive than you may realize, and even more so for larger buildings. Depending upon the particulars of your building design, it can actually be a good bit cheaper to build with metal! And don’t forget the longevity factor, either. A steel building can actually last longer than a stick build, and needs much less required maintenance, too. From a perspective of long-term ROI, it’s pretty hard to beat a well-built metal structure.

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