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Metal Structures


You Need Some Help for Your Business

Running a business isn’t easy in general, and it hasn’t gotten any easier in 2022 either. Even though things with COVID have improved, many industries are still dealing with material shortages, supply chain snafus, and unanticipated price hikes. And in terms of staffing and retention, The Great Resignation is forcing many businesses to up their employee engagement games as well. All things considered, there are many challenges to overcome if you want to help your business continue to be healthy and poised for growth.


But here’s some good news: choosing to invest in a versatile steel structure can help! Regardless of the size and scope of your business, metal carports and metal buildings offer many multipurpose possibilities for improving employee comfort, enabling greater productivity, and benefiting your operation in several tangible ways.


Metal Structures Provide for Important Amenities and Functionalities

You probably know that metal carports are great for vehicle parking, but that’s just one of many ways a metal structure can be used to add important amenities for your business. Here are just a few helpful applications:


• Protected parking for both company vehicles and personal vehicles

No other type of vehicle shelter design is more effective than a steel carport. Whether you’ve got just a few company cars or a whole fleet of company vehicles, keeping them well-protected from the elements is truly a cost-saving measure for your business. And creating a covered space for your employees to be able to park is a great way to show them that you care about them, too. Nobody likes having to sprint across the parking lot during a downpour, and nobody likes leaving their car out to bake in the sun all day while they’re at work, either. And commercial metal carports can be fabricated at whatever building dimensions you need to be able to provide coverage for both your company vehicles and your employee’s personal vehicles!


• Covered break area

When it’s break time, your employees really benefit from having an opportunity to get away from their desks, step away from the floor, or get out of the manufacturing facility for a few minutes. Don’t make them just have to wander around the parking lot or sit in their cars. Instead, install a metal shelter which provides your employees an opportunity to get outside and get some fresh air, while still being protected from the elements. Making break time more comfortable for your employees ultimately results in higher levels of productivity for your business, too.


• Take the boardroom or the conference room outside

Need to host a meeting or conduct a training session? If the temperature is pleasant, why not just take your group session outside? You can, if you decide to install a covered metal building at your facility. You could even opt to go with a commercial picnic shelter design that’s large enough for hosting companywide events and meals. There’s no need to have to rent space offsite, when you can host your own company gatherings right under your own covered shelter!


• Extra outdoor space

Homeowners like to install carports and garages, not just for vehicle parking, but for the extra storage space it creates for helping to declutter their residential space. Business enterprises are honestly no different in that regard. The longer you’re in more business, the more “stuff” you tend to collect, and the more crowded your office space and production space can become. If there are some items you don’t use as regularly, you can keep them in a dedicated metal storage building installed right on your own property. Plus, you can opt for open-air covered storage, a fully-enclosed storage building, or a combination building which includes both!


• Add more office space or other needed finished space

Metal buildings can be used for far more than just carports. Enclosed metal structures can be fully enclosed and completely finished for all sorts of applications, ranging from office space, to manufacturing space, to retail space, and more. There’s really not much you can’t do with a metal building. Plus, steel tube-framed structures are more cost-effective to build than traditional wood-framed structures! And a steel building from Carport Central is more rugged, reliable, adaptable, and customizable than you may realize!

 54x70x12 Commercial Building


Why a Custom Metal Structure from Carport Central Makes Good Sense for Your Business

Light-gauge steel buildings are more flexible and adaptable than traditional wood frame structures or stick builds, and there are plenty of other advantages that come along with steel construction, too:


  • Economical & convenient

Let’s start with price and cost-effectiveness. Why rent storage space or additional building space offsite, when you can install your own and build more equity for your commercial property. It’s much more convenient to have your own metal structure or metal structures right onsite, and steel buildings – especially large commercial buildings – can be significantly cheaper to build per square foot than those made with other building materials.


  • Rugged, dependable, and low-maintenance

Steel structures won’t rot like wood, and are better designed for enduring commercial or industrial usage, while also standing stronger in the face of extreme weather and other natural threats like fire, pests, mold, and mildew. Steel structures are simple to clean too, and require only a minimum of maintenance.


  • Cheaper to insure

Because steel is strong, durable, and naturally incombustible, most property insurers will give you a better rate on a steel structure over structures built with wood or other materials.


  • Completely customizable on the inside

The versatility of steel framing allows for some pretty complex architectural designs along with greater flexibility of building function. Interior columns or supports aren’t typically needed, so you can use your clear-span interior space pretty much any way you want. Create your own custom floorplan! Clear-span metal structures can be engineered to most any width, length, and height dimensions you might need for your building needs.


  • Customizable outside, too

Worried that a commercial steel building might look like a cold, boring metal structure? It certainly doesn’t have to. Not only can you plan to use the interior any way you want, but you can customize your metal building exterior, too. You choose your preferred roof design, and you can customize everything from the walls to the doors, windows, trim, and more. And Carport Central offers a whole palette of color options to choose from for the roof paneling, side paneling, and trim. Create the look you want!


Carport Central Can Provide You with a Perfect Metal Structure for Your Business!

What kind of custom metal structure would best meet your needs? Sure, we do metal carports, but we also provide everything from metal garages, to metal barns, to RV covers, to commercial metal buildings for all sorts of residential, business, and farm applications. Basically, if you need it in a steel structure, we can design it, manufacture it, and get it installed for you. In fact, we INCLUDE delivery and installation at no extra charge, and we deliver and install in 46 states!


Want to try your hand at designing your own custom metal building? Use our state-of-the-art 3D Building Designer to create and customize your ideal building dimensions, layout, and features. We can use whatever building design you create to get your building order started. Of course, we’ve got a full team of trained building specialists standing by to help as well. Oh, and if you’re interested in considering financing options for your commercial metal structure, we offer the best financing plans in the business!


Give us a call at (980) 321-9898 today, and experience the Carport Central difference. We’ve got your business covered!


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