Barn Wood Going Missing? Avoid That Problem with a Steel Barn from Carport Central!

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Barn Wood Going Missing? Avoid That Problem with a Steel Barn from Carport Central!


The Rising Popularity of Rustic Design

Thanks in part to the cultural impact of home design influencers like Chip and Joanna Gaines, the rustic design scheme has become incredibly popular across America. Rustic design goes by many names, including rustic chic, modern rustic, farmhouse, farmhouse chic, western chic, and others. But no matter what you call it, rustic design places a lot of emphasis on using natural materials, antique materials, and earthy tones & textures in home décor themes.

Some elements that are commonly seen in rustic design include wooden beams, rough-hewn wood, organic elements, weathered materials, and items that have been “repurposed.” And do you know what one of the most popular materials now being used in rustic design is? As you may have guessed by now, it’s reclaimed wood. In fact, reclaimed barn wood is more expensive than new lumber these days.

When Demand Leads to Theft

The problem is that more and more old barnwood isn’t just being reclaimed – it’s being downright stolen! Stolen barnwood has been something of an issue in Midwestern states like Indiana and Ohio for a while, but now it’s also getting worse in other nearby states, along with any other rural areas where old barns can be found. Thieves are becoming bolder and more brash to help meet the demand for weathered wood planks. In places like Kentucky, reports continue to surface of old barns that have been stripped down to their frames and roofs!

What happens to all of this stolen rustic beauty? It’s sold for a pretty penny to suppliers, builders, and craftspeople – some of whom likely have no idea of the real source of this salvaged wood. The old barnwood is then used by builders to line interior walls and ceilings, and it’s used by craftspeople to create custom tables, furniture pieces, cabinets, hanging art, and an assortment of other sought-after decorations.

Avoid Barnwood Theft by Choosing a Rugged Steel Barn

But what if you’re a farmer, rancher, or just someone who needs to be able to rely upon the use of a dependable barn? What can you do to protect yourself from these thieves? Thankfully, there is a solution that doesn’t require you to have to take advantage of your 2nd Amendment rights. What’s that solution? It involves choosing the right kind of barn or farm building to serve your needs.

Wooden barns have obviously been around for generations, but they honestly don’t offer the best return on your barn investment. Whether your area faces the threat of reclaimed wood thieves or not, a wooded barn or building will require regular maintenance and attention, and will take away both time and money that you could put to better uses.

A steel barn or barn building is a better choice for a number of reasons. First of all, there’s no weathered wood to steal! But beyond that, these structures will simply serve your needs better. They’re easy to clean, and they need much less maintenance than pole barns or comparable wooden buildings. Galvanized steel won’t rot, warp, or crack, and it also provides better protection from the threats of Mother Nature like rain, snow, wind – even lightning! Steel doesn’t burn either, so it offers additional built-in fire protection over wood.

And let’s not forget about termites and other pests. They can destroy a wood barn, but they’re really no threat to a steel barn. You won’t have the same mold or mildew worries, either. Plus, steel structures carry the advantage of being simpler to expand or adapt in the future. There’s really a lot to like about a steel barn or other building!

And if you’re wondering how you might be able to use a steel barn or steel building, here are just A FEW of the possible applications:

  • Safe shelter for your tractors, vehicles, and other equipment
  • Dry storage for everything from crops to feed to seed, and more
  • Horse barns, tack barns, & hay barns
  • Livestock breeding
  • Poultry incubation
  • Production of milk, eggs, or other products
  • Carport or garage for your personal vehicles
  • Office space, workshop space, or staff quarters
  • You can even turn a steel barn into your own personal barndominium!

Partner with Carport Central for the Best Steel Barns & Other Structures

At Carport Central, we’re here to meet your need for a dependable barn or other structure. In fact, we’re not just here to sell you a metal building; we’re here to Provide Shelter for Your Way of Life!

  • We’re one of the top online metal structure providers in the country, serving nearly all of the continental U.S.
  • We have extensive experience in sourcing barns and similar buildings for farm, residential, and commercial use alike
  • Our 3D Building Designer is a great way for you to design your OWN ideal steel structure, and it’s easily accessible on any computer or smart device
  • And if we didn’t mention it before, delivery & installation of your custom building is INCLUDED with your purchase!
  • We also have the very best financing, rent-to-own, and layaway options you’ll find anywhere; it’s our goal to help you be able to afford the metal building you really need!
  • Nobody beats our level of personalized customer attention and service!

Reach out to us online, or give us a call today at (980) 321-9898! Our friendly building experts are here to serve you, and we’d be honored to help you experience the Carport Central difference for yourself!


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