Selecting the Best Metal Carport for Areas with Mild or Moderate Climates

By Scott Kyles   |   Posted In: Carports

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Many people associate the need for a metal carport with areas that experience heavy rains, hail, sleet, or snowfall. But did you know that over time, prolonged exposure to sunlight and excessive heat can also cause damage to the exterior and interior of your vehicle?

Direct sunlight for long periods of time can fade your vehicle’s exterior paint and cause plastic components to warp. Inside, the dashboard tends to take the most damage by becoming discolored, and plastic parts can begin to warp or crack. Leather seats may also begin to age prematurely and lose their natural oils, resulting in them fading and becoming brittle. As you can imagine, those rays have a similar effect on other outdoor equipment and items left unsheltered.

While people that live in areas of extreme weather would likely shop for custom steel carports that have enclosed sides and vertical or boxed eave roof styles, those in less extreme climates can opt for the more economical regular roof style. This type of roof has corrugated ridges running horizontally end to end, which is great for areas that need protection from mostly sun and rain.

For those of you who have the benefit of enjoying the outdoors for most of the year, custom steel carports can serve as much more than just a shelter for your vehicle! Here are some common uses for metal carports that you may not have considered:

  • Shaded area for comfortable outdoor entertaining
  • Sheltered, open-air workspace for projects and hobbies
  • Poolside area to escape the sun or relax in the hot tub
  • Agricultural storage for large pieces of equipment, straw or hay bales, and other farm applications

The possibilities are endless! You can choose a metal carport design that is fully customized to fit your needs and budget by choosing the dimensions, roof style, carport type, and so much more. For those who would benefit from a storage-and-shelter combination, you might consider going with a utility carport, which has an enclosed area on one end for extra secure storage.

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