California Wildfire Outrage – How Metal Buildings Can Help Prevent Destruction to Your Property

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California Wildfire Outrage – How Metal Buildings Can Help Prevent Destruction to Your Property


Raging Wildfires in California

So far this year, California has seen some of its largest, most destructive wildfires yet. With nearly 160,000 acres being burned in total, evacuations were made, hazardous air quality alerts were issued, and lives were lost. And while some wildfires are still burning, there have been 6,190 fires recorded in 2019 according to Cal Fire and US Forest Service. The most recent fires, including the Maria Fire and Easy Fire in Ventura County and the Kincade Fire in Sonoma County, have covered more than 77,000 acres, threated and destroyed more than 3,000 structures, and required the evacuations of thousands of Californians. With California always under the threat of wildfires, Carport Central wants to help in every way we can and let you know more about how you can avoid these damages with one of our reliable steel buildings.

Aftermath of Wildfires

Wildfires are uncontrolled blazes of fire that can burn through hundreds of acres of land and destroy everything in their path within a matter of minutes. They are caused by a variety of weather conditions, dry underbrush, and wind, but more than 90% of wildfires in the United States have occurred because of humans. There have been more than 9 million acres of United States land destroyed due to wildfires, the number growing quickly throughout the years. And in addition to destroying thousands of acres of land, these blazing infernos are also known for destroying homes, businesses, and the lives of families across the country.

What Can Californians Do to Prevent These Damages?

Since taking the office early in 2019, Governor Gavin Newsom has been proactive about taking control of the ongoing wildfire issue. He issued a 12-month State of Emergency to increase the awareness of forest management projects that will help protect 200 of California’s communities. But here at Carport Central, we offer a perfect solution to increase the protection of your property from wildfires – a prefab metal building.

These steel buildings are made with the highest-quality, heavy-duty steel framing. During manufacturing, each component undergoes a galvanization process where they are dipped in a hot zinc coating to provide better protection against Mother Nature and her brutal forces. And in addition to their durability and strength, these structures have many more benefits to offer, including the following:

  • Long Lasting
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Easy to Install
  • Versatile
  • Fire, Rust, and Pest Resistant

Construction in Fire-Prone Areas

According to FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency, there are four factors that will affect the probability of your building surviving a wildfire, these include the topography and weather of your area, defensible space, building envelope, and community infrastructure.  You can read more about these factors below.

  • Topography and Weather – Wildfires are generally driven by terrain and weather; for example, buildings at the top of a ridgeline, mid-slope, or in a ravine have a much higher risk for damages due to their vulnerability to high winds. Once a construction site is chosen, the topographic features on and around the site should be evaluated for exposure to wildfires.
  • Defensible Space – These fires tend to travel quickly in areas with dry vegetation. And with a defensible space around a building, it can increase the probability of surviving a wildfire. Defensible spaces are areas where combustible materials, such as vegetation, have been treated, cleared, or modified to slow the rate of wildfires. This creates a much safer area for a metal building to be installed.
  • Building Envelope – Combustible building materials such as roof shingles, siding, and decks can ignite, causing the wildfire to spread quickly. By using non-combustible or fire-resistant materials, such as our galvanized steel framing, you can further protect your property from the aftermath of a wildfire. If the envelope of your building is designed and engineered just right, your steel building will be more than capable of resisting a wildfire, at least long enough for firefighters to arrive.
  • Community Infrastructure – Surviving a quickly-spreading wildfire also depends on the infrastructure of your area, such as local water resources and roads that are designed specifically for emergency vehicle access. It’s important to make sure emergency services can reach your home during a wildfire, no matter where you may be located.

Choose Carport Central for Your California Prefab Metal Building

Here at Carport Central, we always have our customers best interest in mind, no matter what your needs or budget may be. And with wildfires posing a constant threat to our dedicated customers in California, we want to provide a helping hand with keeping your property protected year-round. By investing in one of our metal buildings, you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings will be safe and secure during a wildfire. Just contact one of our sales representatives today at (980) 321-9898 or visit our website to find out more about our California steel structures.


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