Safety First: Why You Should Invest in a Certified Carport

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Certified Carport

Imagine a situation where your new shiny carport worth several thousand dollars has to come down because you forgot to obtain a necessary permit from your state’s authority. Or imagine that one snowy windy morning you go outside to find out the strong wind blew your carport’s roof  away and damaged your vehicle. Neighbors are angry and the police is issuing you a fine.Luckily, these terrifying situations are easy to avoid with a certified carport, a unit that meets local building safety requirements.

What are the Certified Carports?

Certified carports are designed to adhere to the highest standards of quality and engineered to meet high snow and wind load. A certified metal carport meets local building codes and requirements which vary from area to area. This means the carport will withstand strong winds and heavy precipitation and won’t cause any harm to property or people. Even if you live in a place that doesn’t have a special code for metal carport structures, it is still a good idea to upgrade to a certified one – protect yourself from whimsical weather conditions.

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Benefits of Certified Carports

Purchasing and installing a carport is a long-term investment and we don’t want you to waste your time and money. Here are a few reasons why upgrading to a certified steel carport is the right decision if you want to protect your valuable vehicles and machinery.


Making sure the building will endure wind and snow at winter is crucial to preserve vehicles and farming equipment in the best condition. By purchasing a certified structure, not only you take good care of the machinery but also protect your house and neighboring buildings. Safety is a number one reason to opt in for a certified carport that meets local building regulations and specifications. Even if you are not required to obtain a permit for a building where nobody will live, there’s no guarantee that local authorities won’t change their mind about regulations. By installing a certified structure and having all the documents in place, you make sure that your property won’t lose its value in the coming years – it’s a thoughtful strategic decision.


While there’s no special protection for certified buildings, Carport Central’s generous warranty on carports will cover all your needs and situations. Our workmanship warranty covers the first year; in addition to that, we offer a 10-year panel warranty against chips and cracks and a 20-year warranty against rust. Our team is always willing to go an extra mile for our valued customers – we’ll replace any failed parts at no cost to you and your certified building will always be protected.

Less hassle

A certified building is designed by an engineer to meet safety specifications and regulations – you’ll obtain all blueprints and documents to use during inspection. We guarantee that the documents are up to date and give the fullest information about the structure. You don’t have to worry that you missed something as everything is taken care of by the Carport Central’s engineers. Purchasing a certified metal building kit and having it installed by professionals will give you peace of mind and confidence in the future. Certainty is valuable asset, isn’t it?

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Features of Certified Carports

Certified carports are usually erected on a concrete slab, which also has to meet special requirements. Carport certification is a two-step process, during which an inspector is going to check the foundation first, making sure it is wide enough, as per requirements. When the building is ready he will check it against the blueprint and test if anchor locations, brace placement and screw patterns fall in the same places as on paper.

What are the typical specifications for a certified carport? In Florida, for example, for the building that is set to withstand 150 mph wind, it is required to have 26 gauge sheeting. Ground installations must use mobile home anchors. Concrete slab installations require anchors to be mounted in the corners of the foundation to ensure better stability.

Carport Central’s certified 26x21x6 vertical roof unit is able to endure 130 mph winds and 60 psf snow. The kit includes all the anchoring and bracing as well as engineering drawings. By the way, most of our buildings come with shipping and installation included.

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Difference Between Certified and Non-Certified Carports

If your area doesn’t require a permit for carports – it’s probably OK if you decide to go with an uncertified unit. Non-certified carports are simpler structures as they don’t need to be reinforced to survive severe weather.  They are lighter and cheaper.

Certified carports often use mobile home anchors – they are stronger and introduce more stability for the foundation. Certified unit also will have an additional reinforcement at every other conjunction. The structure is more durable. If you live in the area where extreme weather conditions are rare, it is still recommended that you go for a certified metal building – it doesn’t add much to the cost but saves you more in the long run.

In terms of service, the main difference between a certified and a non-certified carport is access to carefully crafted documentation at no additional cost to you.


Bottom Line

Certification in carports is synonym to safety, stability and protection. Carport Central offers all three with a purchase of a certified steel carport. With our generous warranty and professionally engineered building, you won’t be afraid of wind, snow, rain or any unexpected situation.

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