The Great Debate – Custom Metal Garages vs. Traditional Garages

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30x30 Lean-to Garage

Choosing between a traditional or custom metal garage is an important decision because there are a variety of considerations. What will you be using your garage for? How long would you like it to last? How much time (or energy) do you have to devote to maintenance? What kind of budget are you working with? Would you prefer a steel garage or a traditional wooden one? Both types of garages will provide a similar function, but there are some distinct differences to consider.

Steel Garage Advantages

As the great debate between fans of traditional wood garages vs. metal garages rages on, it is important to note some major advantages metal garages have over wood. Below are some of the major perks to building a metal garage on your property:


Both traditional and metal garages can be built to stand up to the weather in your local area. That said, wooden garages lack the durability of steel garages in the long run. Brutal weather can cause warping and cracking in wood, which eventually amounts to bigger problems like rotting and leaking. Metal garages and garage kits are manufactured go through a galvanization process to withstand these elements to better protect the contents of the garage.


When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, there’s no comparison. Wooden garages are more expensive to build and maintain than metal garages. If you are a DIYer, enjoy more savings by purchasing a custom metal garage kit and constructing it on your own.


Metal garage designs are highly customizable to fit your tastes, budget, and needs. Maybe you have plans to add a workshop area to your garage in the future. Metal garages can easily, and inexpensively, be modified to fit your changing needs. While you can also add on to a wood structure, it will be a much more expensive, time-consuming process.


Over time, wooden garages are susceptible to rotting, cracking, termites, mold, warping, and other issues resulting in a significant amount of ongoing maintenance. You can also expect to restain or repaint your wooden garage every five to ten years. Because the custom color is applied to steel during the manufacturing process, it stands up to Mother Nature for much longer.


Are you eyeing custom metal garages for your favorite vehicles or metal garage kits to stash all the stuff that no longer fits in your house? A big consideration is always safety. Both types of garages are designed to stand up to severe weather and provide protection for your valuable items. But metal garages give property owners additional peace of mind due to their lower risk of flammability, which can prevent a complete loss in case of fire. Some insurance companies even offer discounts for steel buildings.

Now that you know some key advantages metal garages have over wood garages, you can be confident in the purchase of your new garage.

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