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Customization Options for Workshops

By Carport Charlie   |   Posted In: Workshops

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There is nothing more satisfying than building your own workshop and designing it according to your aesthetic sense and practical requirements. Metal workshops are used for different purposes. Garages are one of the most popular usages of metal workshops. They are also used to store agricultural produce, for commercial purposes, personal storage and the like.

The main reason which makes metal buildings better choices as workshops is their inherent durability. They go through less wear and tear, thus need fewer repairs as compared to traditional buildings. These buildings can also be recycled making them environmentally sustainable too. Unlike what was thought of in yesteryear, today’s structures can take advantage of the flexibility of metal to customize workshops and such other structures. Customization is the need of the day as people seek something tailored to fit their needs, all the time, rather than settling for the readily available.

When it comes to workshops, the following customization options are available:


Three kinds of roofs are available for workshops – the vertical roof, the A-frame styled roof and the regular roof. Areas which experience heavy snowfall or rain should go for this kind. The grooved roof does not permit accumulation of dirt or any snow, making them slide off the sides. Any building with a height above 36 feet should have this kind of roof. The regular roof comes with corrugated ridges from side to side and is good for keeping sunlight and rain water away from the vehicles or objects stored inside. The A-Frame styled roof is also suited for places with bad weather but is not meant for snowy or windy places.


One can choose between 12 gauge or 14 gauge frames for the metal workshop. The former has a 20 year warranty against rust but both are sturdy and can withstand adversities of weather.


Workshop size can extend to as long or wide as you want. Width begins at 12 feet and can go to as deep as demanded. However buildings with width beyond 32 feet will need a lift during the installation process. Though the standard length of a carport or workshop is 21 feet, customization can begin at this dimension and increase at 5 feet increments. Customization of workshop heights usually range between 6 feet to 14 feet – some manufacturers also provide materials for 20 feet high workshops. You need to first check the permitted limits in your area. Remember that if your custom workshop is 14 feet high, it has to have a minimum width of 18 feet.

Colors and Features

Among other customization options are side panels and gable ends which can strengthen your workshop or carport. These can be added according to your instructions. Go for a chic look and convenient usage by installing walk in doors and windows. If you have a bigger project in mind, you could also go for roll up doors.  Keep your building firm by using anchors, which are also available in varieties considering the different base your custom metal building has. Go for bright and appealing or light and sober shades for your workshop. Choose from the myriad color options for the roof, the side walls and panels, the trim and other parts of your structure. Speak to the customer care representative of your manufacturer or installer and ask for color options.

No matter what kind of customized or regular workshop you get installed, remember to get your paper works done. Take help from those who are installing it and ensure you have local permission to proceed with the work.

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