Dreaming of Daytona Beach, Florida? Why You Need a Metal Garage

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Dreaming of Daytona Beach, Florida Why You Need a Metal Garage

A Dream Destination: Daytona Beach, Florida

Beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida, is the home of the “World Center of Racing”, the Daytona 500 NASCAR race. However, it offers much more than a single race! Daytona Beach also boasts the historic Daytona Beach pier, the Ponce de Leon lighthouse, and world-class art institutions. With 23 miles of sandy beaches and over 30 miles of the Ormond Scenic Loop to drive, there’s never a boring moment. The Kennedy Space Center and Disney World are within easy driving distance, and your family sports fan will love the local availability of NBA and NFL teams.

The passion for racing in Daytona Beach means that you should sport your favorite vehicle on the streets, so let’s talk about the best way to secure your car in Florida. There’s no better way to enjoy Daytona than with a metal garage! Customize a metal building kit with Carport Central, so you can accommodate your workshop and your vintage roadster. Thanks to the durable nature of our high-grade steel, you can face the future of climate change in Florida with confidence.


Metal Garages & Daytona Beach, Florida

Garage buildings in Daytona Beach, Florida, can be used for commercial, industrial, agricultural, residential, and various other purposes.

1. Flood Factors

Almost all properties in the U.S. are at some risk of flooding. However, Daytona Beach, Florida, faces a more significant risk than most areas. There are nearly 5,000 properties in the municipality, and over a quarter of them are forecast to be severely affected by flooding sometime in the next 30 years.

Metal buildings are moisture and mildew resistant, which means that flooding will cause far less damage to the structure than it would to a traditional wood building. A metal garage, for instance, doesn’t harbor dangerous fungal colonies after a flood event.

2. Tourism

Daytona Beach is a dream vacation destination, with fun for every member of the family. From the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse to the Ale Trail, you’re sure to make memories. If your favorite roadster is on the trip with you, enjoy a drive on the Ormond Scenic Loop and drive along the white sand beach! At night, secure it in a metal garage.

3. Auto Racing

The NASCAR pastime is never far from the Daytona mind. Car racing was first introduced on the beach in 1902, and the Daytona 500 has been the crown jewel of racing since 1959.

4. Manufacturing Hub for Metal

As the world capital of NASCAR, it’s no wonder that the metal buildings industry is exploding in Daytona Beach. Florida’s exponential population and economic growth are a draw for enterprises that rely on durable, safe spaces for their automotive needs. Metal garages provide clear span space that can flexibly accommodate a variety of commercial applications.

5. Famous Museum of Arts & Sciences

Whatever you do in Daytona Beach, don’t miss the incredible Museum of Arts and Sciences and the Cici and Hyatt Brown Museum of Art! These world-renowned institutions are stunning cultural achievements and treasures of the Florida culture. If there’s a budding artist in your own home, don’t forget that a metal garage is easily customized into a fantastic art studio, with ample storage.


The Benefits of Metal Garages on Daytona Beach

• Certified Buildings

Carport Central spends resources and time every year on research and development so that our buildings are the strongest in the industry! Every certified building from our inventory is expertly rated to withstand high winds, impact, and snow loads.

• Durable

A metal building in Florida will face hurricanes, extreme heat, humidity, and a host of other weather events that other parts of the country may never understand. That’s why Carport Central is devoted to quality construction in Florida! Our high-grade steel is ductile and durable, ready for anything that Mother Nature throws at it.

• Rust Free

Our high-grade steel is galvanized with zinc to resist corrosion of any kind. No matter how humid the Florida weather is, you won’t have to worry about rust on your new metal building!

• Flexible Design

Your metal building from Carport Central is designed with your unique enterprise in mind. Windows, doors, access, and dimensions will all be engineered to support your goals! Metal garages are built without interior columns, so their “clear-span” design can be used for a variety of activities.

• Long Life

A new metal building is certified to last for decades, with average durability of fifty years! Metal buildings require very little maintenance or upkeep. On the other hand, wood buildings are vulnerable to termites, wood rot, and weather events, and very rarely last for longer than twenty years without needing significant refurbishment.

• Environmentally-Friendly

Steel is a 100% recyclable material. You read that correctly! Every panel and rail is completely recyclable! When you set out to purchase a new metal building, you can prove your commitment to sustainable practices by investing in a metal building from Carport Central. Our professionally designed models are crafted to reduce waste on the factory floor and at the installation site.

• Fire-Resistant

When safety comes first, you want Carport Central’s high-grade steel in your structure. Our steel is rated a Type 1 commercial material by the International Building Code, meaning it is one of the most fire-resistant materials available! Lightening and stray sparks are no match for our steel frames.

• Fully Customizable

Increase your access, elevate your aesthetic, and create the auto workshop of your dreams with the custom options available from Carport Central! Our friendly experts are excited to support you in your design, with over a dozen beautiful colors, gables, trim, wainscoting options, and more! Whether you are promoting your brand with a two-tone garage or adding overhead doors for easy maintenance work, our engineers will assist you in creating the perfect metal garage!


You Deserve The Best! Call Carport Central Today!

When you’re ready to invest in the best metal garage for your  Daytona Beach property, come to Carport Central! You’ll find the strongest steel, flexible financing, and the most personalized service in the industry. Find the perfect shelter for your favorite sports car or a soaring commercial garage for your latest business. Whatever you’re looking for, we believe that buying your new metal garage should be a joyful experience that focuses on your needs!

At Carport Central, we are committed to total customer satisfaction, from the first base rail to the final roof panel. Call today at (980) 321-9898 and discover the Carport Central difference for yourself!


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