Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Metal Building

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Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Metal Building

When it comes to running a business, it can become difficult to keep up with everything, including the curb appeal of your steel building. And nine times out of ten, this is due to a manager or business owner focusing solely on the interior of the unit. While maintaining the interior of your building is important to the success of your business, you don’t need to overlook the exterior. With the following tips, you can easily increase your curb appeal and your business.

Use Clever Landscaping

Landscaping is something worth both the time and effort you put into it. Well-maintained landscaping can leave a good impression on all your visitors as well as those who simply pass by your organization. By adding a few trees and bushes, some colorful flowers that blend well together, and maybe even a bird bath, you can give your business an entire new look. Not only will this let your visitors know that you care about your business and the way your prefab commercial building looks, but it lets them know you’re a professional business partner.

Pay Attention to Your Walkways and Parking Area

Have you recently noticed that the walkways at your office have become damaged or discolored? Not only is this an unappealing factor to your clients, employees, and business partners, but it can also become a hazard if not taken care of right away. You can easily replace your walkways and kill two birds with one stone. You also need to make sure you have an adequate amount of parking space as well as a parking lot that is in good condition. If you begin to notice cracks or potholes, it’s best to fix this as quickly as possible. Do yourself a favor and keep an eye on your walkways and parking lot.

Choose a Long-Lasting, Attractive Roof Style

Another excellent way to enhance the curb appeal of your commercial steel building is to choose a long-lasting, reliable, yet attractive roof style. While there are three roof styles available at Carport Central, each one has its own unique design and advantages. These three roofing systems include the following:

  • Regular Roof – This roofing option is the most economically priced and built roof in the entire metal building industry. It’s designed to have rounded edges and horizontal paneling once installed, making it an excellent choice for customers who live in areas that do not typically experience high winds or heavy precipitation.
  • A-frame Horizontal Roof – Often referred to as a boxed-eave roof, the A-frame horizontal style is also installed with horizontally oriented paneling. However, due to its unique design, we recommend it for warmer areas that may experience some high winds, but light rain and snowfall. The primary advantage of having an A-frame horizontal roof installed with your prefab metal building is the ability to own an A-frame style structure without the price of a vertical roof.
  • Vertical Roof – As the most durable, reliable roof style in the business, the vertical roof is also our most recommended. This roofing system is designed and engineered with vertically aligned paneling and additional framing pieces to better protect your metal building from leaks. While it has been designed for all climate types, it’s best suited for areas with harsh weather conditions.

Invest in the Right Source of Lighting

One of the key components to adding curb appeal to your business is adding the right kind of lighting. This allows you to illuminate the parts of your commercial steel building that you find to be the most attractive. Along with style, you can also add a sense of safety to your visitors by opting for vibrant lights that keep everything lit up.

Have an Appealing Outdoor Common Area

No matter if you own a restaurant, retail store, medical facility, or an office building, having an outdoor common area can make all the difference in your curb appeal. This gives your clients, colleagues, and partners a place to relax and enjoy the weather while on their lunch break or waiting for someone to assist them. The idea is to create an outdoor area that looks good and feels welcoming to your visitors.

Call Carport Central for an Appealing Steel Building Today

Despite popular belief, curb appeal isn’t just for homeowners, it’s for business owners too. The exterior of your business can attract new customers or send them running in the opposite direction. While you may have to invest a significant amount of your time and money into increasing the curb appeal of your metal building, it allows you to further establish your brand. By putting effort into each of these areas, you can improve your appearance and get more customers in the door. If you’re interested in purchasing a prefab commercial building or if you would like more information, feel free to call us today at (980) 321-9898. We can’t wait for you to experience the Carport Central way!


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