Factors That Affect Metal Garage Prices

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Factors-That Affect-Metal-Garage-Prices

Need an outdoor building for vehicle parking, storage, farm use, or something you can use for multipurpose applications? More and more people around the country are reaping the benefits of choosing a rugged, versatile metal garage or other metal building. If you’re shopping around for the best metal structure, one of the first questions you’re probably wondering is how much will a steel garage cost?

The good news is that metal garages are actually cheaper than you may think, and steel buildings have many advantages over structures made with wood or other materials. Depending on the particulars of your building, you can get a custom steel garage at a price that rivals or even beats the cost per square foot of a comparable stick-build!

But there really is no simple answer to the question of what a custom-designed, precision-engineered, prefab metal garage will cost. Part of the reason for this is the simple fact that these steel structures are custom-designed and individually-crafted. A building from Carport Central never comes off a shelf or out of a box – each building we provide is made-to-order! Even so, we can shine some light on how steel garage prices are set in general, based on the following factors:

Building size

Perhaps this goes without saying, but we’ll go ahead and say it. As a rule, the bigger your metal building, the higher the overall purchase price will be. Makes sense, right? However, there is also an economy of scale when it comes to steel structures. As you go bigger, your cost per square foot tends to decrease. In other words, you actually get more bang for your buck with a 70’-wide metal garage than you do with a 30’-wide metal garage.

Building design and complexity

One benefit of choosing a light-gauge steel structure is that you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing your building design. There are many popular styles of garages, barns, workshops, and other metal buildings from which you can select. In terms of metal garage prices, the design rule of thumb is this – the more complex the building, the higher the price tag. And Carport Central gives you the freedom to choose and personalize the design of your building any way you want with our signature, easy-to-use 3D Design Tool (accessible from any computer or smart device).


  • Which roof style do you prefer?
  • What about the walls and trim?
  • Do you want the standard, reliable 14-gauge steel framing, or do you want to opt for the even more rugged 12-gauge?
  • Standard 29-gauge steel paneling, or sturdier 26-gauge?
  • Want to choose from among our many standard color options, or would you rather select a premium color and/or a wainscot look?
  • And what about garage doors, walk-in doors, and window options?

With Carport Central, you have many customization options available to you (some of which vary by location), but just know that added customizations will also add to the building’s price.

Local codes and regulations

Building codes vary by location. Some locations will require you to have a building that has been certified to withstand certain minimum wind or snow loads. Carport Central is happy to provide buildings with certification to meet or exceed all local or state regulations! Just know that certified buildings cost a bit more than uncertified buildings.

Install location

Speaking of location, your building install location can also affect your final price for reasons other than just certification needs. Carport Central partners with the best manufacturers across the country, and we’re proud to serve most every location in the continental United States. Our manufacturers help set base prices determined in part on what it takes to install buildings in their respective areas of service. For example, factors of regional topography and climate can make it more expensive to install a metal garage in upstate New York than it is to install the same building in South Carolina. And if you happen to be located in a more remote spot that isn’t as easy for a local install team to reach, that could also have some impact on the final price of your steel building.

Current steel prices

While Carport Central is proud to source American steel, steel prices vary and can even change quickly based on both domestic and global factors. The current strength of the American dollar, steel demand, import and export tariffs, natural disasters, wars, and other influences can drastically affect steel prices. What a steel building cost just a few years ago may have little bearing on what the same steel building costs today. The good news is that Carport Central allows you to lock in your price with a small deposit, so you can avoid the stress of having to worry about market-driven price swings!

Site foundation

Upon what type of foundation will you install your metal garage? Concrete? Asphalt? Gravel? Something else? The foundation you choose will affect your personal out-of-pocket costs.

(NOTE: Carport Central doesn’t provide ground preparation or concrete services.)

The good news is that the foundation you choose for your building is completely up to you. In fact, you don’t have to spend the money to pour a hard foundation at all if you don’t need want or need one. So, while site foundation is a personal cost factor for you to consider, it has no bearing on the price of your metal building. As long as your install site is leveled and cleared, we can install on most any surface, including bare ground.

Delivery and installation

Getting your building delivered and installed is an additional cost you have to factor into getting your metal garage or building … unless you order from Carport Central! We INCLUDE delivery and installation in all our service areas! That’s just one more benefit you gain by doing business with Carport Central. And thanks to our exclusive relationships with top manufacturers and installers, you’ll get your building put up faster, too!


We know you want the lowest price possible. We also know that you don’t want a cheap building – you want the right building with the right service, at the right price.

Don’t trust a “discount” dealer who tries to wave what looks like a low price in front of you by being willing to cut corners on product quality, workmanship, customer experience, and ongoing customer service. Sometimes a cheaper building really is just that – cheap. Is cheap worth it when what you end up with is sloppy building assembly, job not finished on time, poor communication, and no customer follow-up? Trying to save a few bucks really isn’t worth that headache or risk.

Carport Central understands that buying a steel structure is a significant investment, and we’re here to make sure you get what you need. Carport Central does business differently; consider these features that set us apart from everyone else:

  • We’re the nation’s leading online provider of metal structures
  • Mutually-beneficial partnerships with the best local manufacturers and installers
  • You can customize your own building design online, but when you’re ready to talk we have friendly and knowledgeable building specialists who will LISTEN and work to help take care of you and answer all your questions
  • Delivery and installation of your custom metal building is included
  • Great products at a great price, with personalized customer service that extends beyond the sale
  • Preferred financing and rent-to-own options, too!

Carport Central is about much more than selling you a metal building; we’re about providing shelter for your way of life. Check us out online or give us a call, and experience the Carport Central difference for yourself!


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