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Three Most-Asked Questions About Metal Building Homes

If you’re considering a barndominium for sale or other metal home possibility, congratulations on exploring a fantastic residential building solution! But we imagine you still have some questions. In order to help you make the most informed buying decision, let’s address three of the most common questions we get about metal homes here at Carport Central:

1. Are metal buildings worth it?
2. Can a metal building really be turned into a home I can actually live in?
3. What about metal building financing? Is there a steel building financing solution that includes new home projects?

What Makes Metal Buildings Worth the Investment?

For starters, steel tubular buildings are strong and durable. Light-gauge steel is the strongest construction material there is by weight, and modern steel tubing is engineered to handle most anything Mother Nature has to throw your way. A well-built steel structure is essentially weather-proof. It’s pest-proof, too. For example, if termites are a problem where you live, they won’t be if you choose a metal building. Steel doesn’t warp or rot like wood either, and it’s also rated much higher for fire resistance. In addition, coated steel paneling requires much less ongoing maintenance than building components made from wood or other materials.

A stick build isn’t the only way to construct a house. In fact, it isn’t even the best way. With a stick-built home, you’re actually taking more risks. Both moisture damage and pests can easily shorten the life of a wood-framed building, or at the very least could cost you some expensive repairs. But a well-designed steel structure doesn’t carry any of those worries. Coated steel roofing and paneling are rated to last up to 80 years, and the steel tube framing is rated to be even stronger and more durable than that.

Can You Really Turn a Metal Building into a Residential Home?

Yes, you really can! We’ve provided barndominiums and metal homes for folks all over, and our engineers have developed many great floor plans from which you can choose. At Carport Central, we can even work with you to design your own custom metal building home or vacation cabin. The steel structures we provide are incredibly versatile and fully customizable too. You decide which building dimensions you prefer, and then you get to choose your exterior colors, doors, windows, and more. Want to include an attached garage? No problem. How about a wraparound porch? We do those, too. We also make sure your residential structure is built to Risk Cat II standards that will meet any local building code requirements. And while Carport Central doesn’t provide interior finishing services ourselves, we do design our home structures with finishing in mind. Our intentionality of building design makes it easy for your finishing subcontractors to come in and take care of the wiring, plumbing, drywall, insulation, etc.


What About Metal Building Prices and Metal Home Financing?

It’s important to answer Questions 1 & 2, but we also know how important it is to address Question #3 as well. Thankfully, it’s all good news from us!

Now that you know that metal buildings are superior to stick builds in practically every category, you might also assume that steel homes are more expensive to construct. Well, you’ll be pleased to learn that they’re anything but! Steel tube-framed construction is generally much cheaper to accomplish per square foot. And the larger your floor plan, the more you’ll save by going with a metal building home. Plus, you’ll benefit from another cost advantage – thanks to their strength and fire resistance, steel buildings are typically cheaper to insure than stick-built structures.

While all that is great news, it still begs the financing question. Most American homebuyers don’t have the full purchase price in hand when it comes to getting the home of their dreams. So, is it possible to finance a metal building home? Yes, it is!

Of course, you can always try to secure lending from your own personal bank or other financial institution, but most banks don’t have preferred financing solutions in place for steel-built structures. Your bank may be happy to offer a personal loan, but they might not be privy to any true mortgage solutions for metal homes. Thankfully, Carport Central has you covered!

How Metal Building Financing Works with Carport Central

Financing your new metal building doesn’t have to be difficult. Not only are we committed to providing you with the best quality of steel structure applications, but we’re also equally committed to offering you preferred financing solutions. We work with lenders like GreenSky to give you great financing and rent-to-own options for new non-residential metal buildings. And for metal building home loans, we’ve established a special relationship with New Century Bank that can serve your needs well. You can qualify for a Fannie Mae mortgage loan that covers everything from the poured cement pad to the finished product, including both land and home. Once approved, all you’ll need is a 15% down payment to get the ball rolling on your perfect metal home! Interested in barndominium kits financing for a metal home kit you can pick up and install yourself for an additional discount? We give you that option, as well.

Carport Central is Here to Provide for Your Metal Home Needs

Carport Central is known around the country for providing the very best in steel structures – including Risk Cat II buildings designed for human occupancy – but we don’t stop there. We also offer superior customer service, and consistently deliver one of the most positive customer experiences in the entire metal buildings industry.

Oh, and if we didn’t make this clear enough, Carport Central also provides exclusive metal building financing solutions, which include metal home mortgage plans that can roll in all of your expected home finishing costs!

Got more questions? Ready to get started? You can connect with us online, or to reach one of our building specialists even faster, just give us a call at (980) 321-9898 today!

Providing shelter for your way of life is something we take seriously at Carport Central. What’s Central to you, is Central to us.


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