What is the difference between a flat roof metal carport and a sloped roof carport?

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Having the right type of metal carport roof to protect your valuable automobile or farming equipment, can really make a difference to both you and the shelf life of your vehicle and machinery. A steel carport is a long term investment that should last you for years to come, so the right shape and price is important to note before making your choice.

Metal carport roofs come in different styles and designs that are cost effective and easy to maintain. Two of the most common carport roof types are – the flat carport roof and the sloped carport roof.

Flat Metal Carport Roof

Flat carport roofs are basic structures that are made of wood material like plywood, which is covered with vinyl or rolled up roofing. Typically, they comprise of rafters measuring 2 by 6, which are placed on 4 by 12 beams on each side of the carport.

If you have a flat metal carport roof, snow, leaves and dust tends to deposit on the surface, with nowhere to go due to the design. Flat carport roofs are more likely to have leaks than sloped carport roofs. In addition, extreme heat can result in an uneven roof surface that leads to the accumulation of puddles.

Sloped Carport Roof

This type of roof is much more effective at draining off snow as well as rain water. Such carport roofs have varied sloping, with even a minor slant in the roofing being more efficient than a flat carport roof due to gravity. The minimum slope required for water or snow to drain effectively is 1% but roofing requirements must also adhere to building codes of your particular area.

For a more structurally sound design, steeping your roof up to 30 degrees can further help to prevent accumulation of water. A sloped carport roof is usually framed with rafters that angle from the highest point to beams placed at the side of the carport. It is also more expensive compared to a flat carport roof, but requires little to no maintenance once installed.

A carport can be a great alternative for keeping your car safe from debris and harsh weather elements over the seasons. It can also double up as a space to safely store your equipment or feed supplies. If you do not have a garage, look at carport options to see if it might be a solution for your outdoor storage requirements.

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