Get to Know Carport Central’s Most Popular Building: The 40 x 60 Metal Building

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Meet Your Needs with the 40 x 60 Building

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a metal building enthusiast, the 40 x 60 metal building will be a fantastic addition to your property. This is Carport Central’s most popular commercial metal structure, and with over 2400 square feet of usable space, it’s easy to see why! This strong, long-lasting structure has room to handle all your needs, now and in the future.

The versatility of the 40 x 60 metal building is its main selling feature. And a significant portion of that versatility comes from its extensive customizability. Every building we sell can be customized to meet your exact needs. You can adjust the panel colors, roof, and trim to match your home or business, allowing it to stand out from the crowd. You can also choose the paneling and framing gauges, window and door types, floor plans, gable styles, and more!

One of the best ways to customize your 40 x 60 metal building is via our 3D Metal Building Estimator. This online tool gives you the power to design your commercial building from the ground up! It even provides you with real-time price estimates! Once you’re satisfied with your design and the price, just place your order, and you’re all set!


Why 40 x 60 Metal Buildings are so Popular

The extreme versatility of the 40 x 60 metal building is what sets it apart from the competition. It can serve any purpose and is commonly used in a variety of different applications. Let’s take a look at a few of the industries that use commercial metal buildings.

40x60 steel garage


1. 40 x 60 Steel Buildings for Rural Use

This metal building size is typically used for farming purposes, but they also function well for residential use. They offer plenty of room for protecting recreational vehicles make fantastic storage facilities. These buildings can easily store any manner of equipment, including lawnmowers, gardening equipment, and more. 40 x 60 buildings also make a reliable solution for keeping your vehicles or housing animals safe during severe weather.

2. Agricultural

40 x 60 metal buildings are also prevalent in the agriculture sector. Farmers of all types and sizes use metal buildings for their storage and sheltering needs.

A. Livestock

Every good farmer knows that their cattle need somewhere to escape the pouring rain or blazing sun. A commercial metal building is a perfect place to shelter, providing them with protection through all weather conditions. So as the storms rage and the winds howl, your animals will be sitting in style and comfort.

B. Storage

In agriculture, there is always a need for ample storage space. Farmers need places to store animal feed and crop yields clean and dry. And 40 x 60 metal buildings are the perfect solution. They’re made of water-resistant galvanized steel, protecting it from rust, mold, mildew, and many other issues that commonly plague wooden structures.


3. Retail and Commercial Purposes

Another avenue where 40 x 60 metal buildings are popular is in the retail and commercial sectors. Commercial metal buildings are capable of being constructed quickly and cost a fraction of similar-sized wooden structures. With nearly 2400 square feet of available space, it’s no surprise that they’re common construction options.

A. Retail Operations

Metal structures like the 40 x 60 are ideally suited for retail applications. They can easily be transformed into stunning storefronts that capture customer’s attention and boosts your brand. Your building is a blank canvas, so make it your own!

B. Small Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing facilities use the 40 x 60 metal building due to the ample space it provides. These structures are easy to maintain and clean, making them ideal for industrial purposes. With chip-resistant paint and no shingles to replace, maintenance is an absolute breeze.

C. Municipal Buildings

Municipal buildings serve an essential purpose if your town or city is to function efficiently. After all, governing officials do need a dedicated meeting place. Carport Central’s commercial metal building is ideal for governmental use because they’re budget-friendly, can last for years, and require very little maintenance.

D. Airplane Hangars

Those that own airplanes will undoubtedly need somewhere to store them. They’re huge investments, and you’ll want to keep them in tip-top shape for years. Our metal building kits are an excellent option for protecting helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft from moisture, fire, and even pests.

40x60 steel garage


Metal Building Prices

Metal building prices can be tricky to understand or predict at times. This is due to several factors. Steel prices fluctuate wildly depending on public demand, shipping costs, and significant weather events.

Another aspect that will dictate your overall price is your customization. With an endless array of options, it’s important to understand how customization can affect your final price. The more custom options you add, the higher the price tag.

Your location will also factor into your final price tag. If you live in a secluded, hard-to-access area, there will be an increase in the price due to complications with installation. And your final price tag will also vary based on the number of reinforcements your building will need to handle your region’s weather.


Choose the Best. Choose Carport Central

Our 40 x 60 metal building kits are some of the best construction options, no matter your needs or how you intend it to be used. They’re strong, durable, and flexible structures engineered to provide years of dutiful service while requiring minimal maintenance. And no one has better buildings than Carport Central!

Carport Central prides itself on being the best provider for new commercial buildings. We have a large team of skilled metal building experts ready to help you design your structure from beginning to end. Steel prices are on the rise, so you’ll want to lock in your new metal building now to save money! So don’t wait! Give us a call at (980) 321-9898 and let us help you design the building of your dreams!


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