Got Your Own Set of Wings? Then You Need a Hangar for Your Personal Aircraft, Too

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Got Your Own Set of Wings Then You Need a Hangar for Your Personal Aircraft, Too

Trying to describe the experience of flying your own plane for the first time

What does it feel like to get behind the controls of a plane for the first time? Here are what some users on Quora had to say in trying to describe their experience:

  • The first thing that sticks out in your mind is how much control you have. The second thing is the view; the view from the cockpit is so much better than a passenger’s view out of a side window. Also, you feel EVERYTHING.
  • You know how sometimes you really look forward to something happening, and when it finally happens, it was all you imagined it to be? That pretty much sums up how the experience of flying felt for me. That feeling of getting airborne, and knowing that I am in control of this craft that allows me to do so, is magical and liberating.
  • Like nothing else in the world. To this day, when I level off at cruise altitude and look down at the world below, knowing every problem I might have is a mile below me, flying is very calming and really helps me keep the stresses of life in perspective.

Gary Claud Stoker put it like this in “Impressions of a Pilot”:

Flight is freedom in its purest form … For each of us is created to die /

And within me I know / I was born to fly.

Do you own your own aircraft? Thinking of buying one?

What about you? Were you born to fly, too?

Only a very small percentage of the world’s population has experienced the thrill of piloting an aircraft. If you’re one of those few who’s actually held a joystick in flight, then you know what an amazing experience that is. And whether you’re someone who owns an airplane or helicopter, or are now in the planning stages of purchasing your own aircraft, then you need to be mindful of something else too.

As exciting as it is to fly, unless you’re a full-time pilot, you still likely won’t be up in the air as much as you might like. For practical reasons, your personal aircraft will likely spend much more time on the ground than it does soaring through the clouds. And speaking of practicality, you’ll need to find a reliable way to shelter your aircraft whenever it’s not the time for heading off into the wild blue yonder.

Clear span metal buildings make great personal aviation hangars

If you own or will soon purchase a small aircraft, then you really can’t afford to store it out in the open. It’s just not worth it to leave it exposed to the elements, or to risk any sort of theft or vandalism. Installing a hangar should really be seen as a necessary fixed cost of aircraft ownership. Whether it’s a private jet, small prop, twin prop, crop duster, glider craft, helicopter, or something else that flies, you need some place to keep your flight investment safe and secure. While some flyers just opt to rent hangar space at a nearby airport, that’s not your only option. There are also some practical and affordable options for having a steel-framed hangar installed right on your own property. To that end, a clear-span metal building from Carport Central is a perfect solution!

aircraft hanger

Benefits of sheltering your aircraft inside your very own personal hangar

There are lots of reasons why keeping your personal aircraft inside your own airplane metal garage makes good sense. Here are just a few:

  • A steel garage is one of the most reliable ways to shelter your personal aircraft from the elements.
  • You can opt for an open-access shelter, or you can choose to fully enclose your building for even greater security.
  • Not only is owning your own dedicated space perfect for housing aircraft, but it’s convenient for performing your own routine maintenance as well.
  • There’s no need to drive across town to get to your aircraft, when you can store it securely right on your own property!
  • A clear-span steel building from Carport Central can actually be more affordable than you may realize!

Why a steel building is the way to go

Light-gauge steel buildings are structurally sound, and they offer greater flexibility and adaptability than other types of construction:

• Cost-effective

Let’s start with price considerations. Depending on the building dimensions and customizations you go with, a steel building can really be cheaper to install. Steel is also easy to clean, and requires practically no maintenance. The colors are infused into the metal paneling during the fabrication process, so you won’t have to worry about peeling paint or premature color fading.

• Durable

Steel buildings don’t rot (but wood does!), and they’re perfectly engineered for constant usage, even in the face of extreme weather like wind, rain, lightning, and snow.

• Resistant to many threats

Steel isn’t susceptible to termites, pests, or other critters, and it’s also a poor host for mold, mildew, and moss. Steel is naturally incombustible too, so it offers better fire protection. And even though no building is completely earthquake-proof, a steel structure provides more flexible strength during seismic activity than most any other type of building material.

• Customize any way you like

Without any need for interior columns or supports, steel structures offer 100% usable clear-span interior space. And a clear-span metal building can be designed large enough to house most any personal aircraft. It’s also easier to expand or adapt a metal building as needs change or grow over time.

• Cheaper to insure

Here’s another cost-benefit to choosing steel, too. Thanks to a steel structure’s superior strength, durability, and fire resistance, your property insurance premiums will likely be lower than for other types of building construction.

• Multipurpose possibilities

Obviously, your primary purpose in installing a clear-span metal building would be to use it as an aircraft hangar – but you’re not limited to just that. Are you a car collector who needs some dedicated space for storing vintage autos and motorcycles? You can build that in, too. Or maybe you also need some workshop space, or space for pursuing your other hobbies. Commercial metal buildings can be used for all of these, and more!

Why Choose Carport Central?

No matter what type of custom metal structure you’re looking for, Carport Central provides it – including personal aircraft hangars! We actually deliver and install everything from metal carports, to metal garages, to metal barns, to RV covers, to commercial metal buildings, to barndominiums, and more. If it’s something you need in a clear span steel structure, we can design it, manufacture it, and get it installed for you in 46 states, with NO extra charge for delivery and installation!

Interested in designing your own prefab metal garages, garage kits, or other metal building kits that you can purchase at a discount and then be able to install yourself? We give you that option as well, which is especially helpful whenever you’re looking for the best metal garage prices. Our team of friendly, trained building specialists is standing by to help! Interested in learning more about financing options? If so, we happen to offer the best financing solutions in the entire metal buildings business!

Connect with us online today, or for a faster response, just give us a call at (980) 321-9898. Come experience the Carport Central difference for yourself – we’ve got you covered! We provide shelter for your way of life!


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