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Creative Central: Build a Greenhouse Using a Metal Building

By Carport Charlie   |   Posted In: Custom Buildings

Green Metal Building

With urban areas expanding and taking over the little leftover greenery in this world, more and more need is being felt to compensate. May be that’s the reason behind the rise in the number of people interested in gardening. A green house is an expansion of such a need or desire. It lets you grow and take care of plants of varied nature in a vast scale and in a professional manner. It can also be a good way of cutting down your food expenses since you can grow vegetables and fruits right in there!

The concept behind a greenhouse is simple – warmth from the sun rays enters the room through the clear walls and stays inside due to its construction. This makes the room warmer than usual, making it an ideal place for plants to grow.

When considering what materials to choose for making the greenhouse, remember that metal is a good one to go with. Here is why:

  • It remains unaffected by weather conditions – it does not expand during monsoon neither does it crack or contract during warmer or colder months.
  • Metal frames and structures for green houses are better able to withstand wear and tear and are longer lasting.
  • These are also resistant to fire and are thus good investment too.

Building A Green House

Here are the steps you need to follow-

  • A carport frame can be used for the greenhouse. The steel frame in these in curved and the ribs are placed at a distance of 24 inches each. The first thing to do would be to measure the area your greenhouse would occupy and this will also be determined by the quantity of steel frame you have.
  • Create the ground frame with either concrete or timber and then fix the frames to the base by bolting them together. Use 2×4 additional poles for supporting the frame – if you think it still isn’t strong enough then you can use cross bracing techniques.
  • Once the structure is all set, check for any protruding edges which might tear the plastic sheet to be placed on top. If you have an angle grinder, you can use it to rub the edges smooth. In case you don’t, just tie a piece of cloth on the area to cushion it.
  • Now seal the two ends of the structure. You can fit in a wood frame wall at either ends of the metal frame. However, remember to keep space for a door in the wooden structure. If there is enough space towards the top of the main frame, you could accommodate a skylight for letting out the hot air inside.
  • Use a 6 millimeter polyethylene plastic sheet to cover the entire greenhouse roof. You will need to roll the edges and put a pressure treated 2×4 firmly on the edge of the material. Keeping the wood slightly longer would enable you to secure the plastic at the ground level too. This would allow you to roll up the plastic when it gets to hot inside without the need to open it completely. Use the same polyethylene or polycarbonate panels to close the ends, depending on your budget. However, the former is not very long lasting when exposed to heat and rain over a period of time.

The structure and parts of a metal greenhouse can also be recycled or reused after you dismantle it. There are also kits available for sale in the market for building your green house though the fun of creating one on your own is unmatched.

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