The Heavy-Duty Applications of Light Gauge Metal Buildings

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The Heavy-Duty Applications of Light Gauge Metal Buildings

Light gauge steel buildings, despite popular belief, are a durable, reliable construction method used throughout the world today. While the construction process for light gauge structures is similar to that for wooden units, it has surpassed both the need and use for wood-framed projects.

What Really Is Light Gauge Steel?

So, what is light gauge steel? This type of material is provided in two size gauges – 12 and 14-gauge. While the material itself is very light and thinner than that used for bigger construction projects, its protective coating further protects it from rust, corrosion and other outside elements that may cause damage or harm. The overall thickness of this zinc coating will vary based on the area you live in and its weather conditions.

A Few Ways Light Gauge Steel Can be Used

When it comes to prefab steel building construction, there is a lot of planning and preparing that goes into the project. And with the proper materials, such as light gauge steel framing pieces, you can have the ideal metal building on your property within a few days. We’ve listed several of the many ways you can use light gauge steel below.

  • Roof Trusses – The roofing system for light gauge structures is typically designed to be completed with metal sheets or tiles. And no matter what roof design you may be looking to use for the project, light gauge steel is almost always suitable. Once the trusses have been formed, they will be attached to the legs of the structure, securing the pieces as one unit.
  • Flooring Joists – Depending on the loading parameters, there are a range of sizes that can be used for the design of floor joists. While the flooring can be completed by a variety of materials, it’s crucial that the joists are connected perfectly during construction.
  • Structural Wall Systems – Wall systems are made of two wall types – load bearing and non-load bearing. A load bearing wall is one that carries a vertical or lateral load, depending on the design of the structure. Other wall types also include partitions and wall cladding, which also depend on the design of the unit.

Benefits of Utilizing Light Gauge Steel Materials

Though the light gauge structure itself may be very light, the materials used for construction are some of the strongest building components available in the industry. In addition to being one of the most durable buildings available today, there are several other benefits you stand to gain by investing in one.

  • Weight is Considerably Low – Since the weight of the material is relatively low, you won’t have to worry about your building caving in due to excess weight or cracking under pressure. This also allows the installation crew to put the unit up quickly, efficiently and in nearly half the time required for wood-framed projects.
  • Superior Strength – The light gauge materials used for these construction projects are some of the most durable and strongest materials available today. With a hot zinc coating to protect the unit from rust, corrosion, pest infestations and weather elements, you won’t have to worry about the unit becoming compromised over time.
  • Design Flexibility – After your structure has been installed, it’s highly likely that your needs will change over time. With a prefab light gauge steel building, you can fulfill a variety of residential, agricultural, and commercial needs. These units are specifically designed to adapt to your ever-changing needs, as well as the weather conditions.
  • Quick Construction – When compared to buildings that have been constructed with wooden, brick, or aluminum materials, light gauge steel structures can be installed much quicker and more efficiently. They do not require heavy equipment and can be ready-to-go within a few days, weather permitting.
  • Recyclable – Did you know that steel is nearly 100% recyclable? It may seem crazy, but it’s right! Once your steel building has met the end of its lifespan, it can be recycled rather than taken to the nearby dump. Not only does this help keep the planet clean, but it allows someone else to take advantage of the steel materials.

Light Gauge Steel – The New, Innovative Material for Construction Projects

No matter what your current or anticipated needs may be, we guarantee to have the perfect solution for you here at Carport Central. Despite the common belief that light gauge steel can’t do everything other materials can, it is one of the most efficient and commonly used building materials available today. You can learn more about our light gauge steel structures today by giving us a call at (980) 321-9898 or by visiting our website.


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    Mark Hiatt brings over 20 years of commercial construction experience as a licensed engineer in NC, SC, and VA. Design-and-build is his specialty, and he serves both as a structural engineer for American Building Network and as an engineering consultant for Carport Central.

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