How a Metal Building Can Set Your Alabama Automotive Business Up for Success

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How a Metal Building Can Set Your Alabama Automotive Business Up for Success

The Automotive Industry is Big Business in Alabama

Prior to 1993, there was no automotive manufacturing industry in The Heart of Dixie. But in the span of less than three decades, Alabama has quickly become the #3 auto exporting state in the nation. Mercedes-Benz opened its first U.S. assembly plant here, and others have chosen to follow suit. Honda, Hyundai, and Mazda-Toyota are building cars in Alabama now too, along with Autocar and New Flyer. Transportation equipment is Alabama’s #1 export category, and Alabama will have produced 15 different passenger vehicle models over the course of 2021. So yes, automotive manufacturing is big business in ‘Bama, and the needle continues to be pushed forward here.

But of course, not all cars made in Alabama are sent outside of state borders. As the automotive manufacturing industry has grown in Alabama, so have other related automotive businesses. Are you a local automobile dealer, auto parts store, automotive service center, car wash manager, auto detailer, or something related? If so, this is a great time to be in the car business in Alabama! Looking to grow your current automotive enterprise, or ready to start your own small business? Having your own Alabama metal building (or buildings) is a great way to get your business rolling in The Cotton State!


Commercial Metal Buildings for Alabama Automotive Businesses

There’s lots of good potential for profitable small businesses in the Alabama automobile and automotive aftermarket space. Why? More automotive manufacturing means more Alabama jobs, more Alabama residents, more Alabama cars, more Alabama drivers, and more need for ongoing automotive service. And what’s one thing that can help each of these automotive businesses be poised for greater success? A commercial metal building or industrial metal building from Carport Central!


• Used car dealer

The used car market continues to grow. Savvy car buyers know that the value of a new car begins to depreciate the second you drive it off the lot. If you have experience with used cars and have some property secured, all you need to launch your independent car sales business is a rugged metal building or two. You can finish one building for office space and customer engagement, and then use a second metal building for general auto service, maintenance, and vehicle cleaning.


• Automated car wash

Fewer people take the time or effort to wash their own cars at home. Today’s auto or truck owner likes the convenience of being able to drive through a touchless car wash instead. And a commercial metal building can be designed with several bays to accommodate multiple cars being washed at once!


• Auto detailing service

Sometimes an automatic car wash simply won’t get off all the gunk, and there’s really no substitute for a careful hand wax when it comes to restoring a car’s finish. If you’re an auto detailer who’s ready to put your services on the market, then a metal building can serve as a perfect center of operations for your business.


• Aftermarket car parts & accessories

There are plenty of chain parts stores out there, but you can help to set yourself apart by focusing on a particular make or popular category of cars. There’s money to be made in the car accessories business, especially if you’re able to find your particular niche of vehicle owners to serve. A commercial metal building can be customized to suit your individual retail, storage, and related needs.


• Paint & auto body center

Accidents happen, and when they do, vehicle owners need reliable repair services. As the number of Alabama vehicles continues to grow, so will the need for competent paint and auto body repair providers. An industrial metal building is a perfect structure to use for creating your own paint and auto body facility.


• Tire & brake center

All tires wear out with use, and all brakes need replacing eventually. If you know what you’re doing and are willing to do it consistently, you can definitely carve out a niche for yourself as a trusted local tire & brake service provider. And a custom steel building can easily be designed to house multiple bays with lifts.


• Quick oil change & general service center

Just as there are many parts store chains, there are several quick oil change and service center chains too. Even so, you can set yourself apart as a local provider that your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances trust, and you can easily turn that into a successful business. But where to house your quick oil change and automotive service center? In a sturdy metal building from Carport Central, of course!



Why a Steel Building Makes Sense for Your AL Automotive Business

In order to launch your own successful automotive business – or to make your current business more successful – you need the right facilities for making it happen. And what’s the best building strategy for auto business success? A custom steel building from Carport Central! Here are a few reasons why:

• Clear Span Space

How many vehicle bays do you want? How much protected space do you need? Our steel-framed buildings need no interior columns or supports, so there’s more available interior space to use any way you like. Plus, we can build to practically any building width you require
50’, 70’, 100’, even 300’ if that’s what your needs dictate!

• Customize the Building Length & Height, Too

It’s not just about building width, it’s about length and height, too. If you need to be able to accommodate big trucks or high-profile vehicles, there’s a steel building solution for that. And on top of that, it’s easier to expand or adapt a steel structure versus a comparable stick build.

• Doors & Windows Where You Want Them

A well-designed automotive business needs several convenient points of access. By choosing a versatile steel building, the number, size, and location of your garage doors, walk-in doors, and windows are for you to decide.

• Non-combustible & Pest-Resistant

Fire and pests are both regular concerns for a wooden building, but you can avoid those worries by choosing steel. While no building is technically fireproof, since steel doesn’t burn, it offers a more reliable level of fire protection. In addition, termites aren’t attracted to steel, pests can’t penetrate it, and steel is a poor host for mold or mildew growth.

• Durable & Rugged

Stee• l is the h3est commercially available construction material, period. A steel building is ideal for surviving and thriving in most any climate conditions. Steel doesn’t rot like wood, stands up to constant use, and can endure some of the most extreme weather conditions on the planet, including sun, wind, precipitation, lightning, even moderate earthquakes.

• Goes Up Faster

Whenever you need a facility added for your business, you don’t want to have to wait an indefinite amount of time before it can actually be put up. The fabrication process for custom steel buildings makes each individual component much faster to assemble and install. Once all the materials are delivered to your install site, most trained crews can get your building up in a matter of just hours or days!

• Cost-Effective Building Solution

Think that steel’s more expensive? Don’t make that assumption. Depending on your specific building dimensions and customizations, a steel structure can be significantly cheaper per square foot. Steel will save you money in the long term, too. You won’t need to worry with regular repainting or refinishing, and a steel building is easier to clean. Choosing a rugged steel structure can also help to lower your insurance premiums!


Choose Carport Central as Your Alabama Automotive Business Partner

When it comes to providing new facilities for your new or growing automotive business in AL, you shouldn’t take any unnecessary chances or risks. The good news? There’s no risk in choosing a strong, rugged, dependable metal building from Carport Central!

Concerned about metal building prices? Our team works with you to get you exactly what you need, at the absolute best price possible. We include delivery and installation in 46 states with your standard purchase, but you can also save even more by choosing a custom metal building kit that you can install yourself. Whether you’re located in Alabama, or most anywhere else across the continental US, Carport Central can take care of your metal building needs. You can contact us online, or get the ball rolling faster by calling us direct at (980) 321-9898. Experience the Carport Central difference today!


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