How Long Will a Metal Garage Last? The Strength and Resiliency of Galvanized Steel Construction

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How Long Will a Metal Garage Last


Looking for a rugged, reliable outbuilding? You could settle for something made out of nailed-together sticks, but there are no guarantees about how long such a building will last. You could also go with an aluminum shed, but that could honestly end up being even more flimsy. Need something really tough and dependable? There’s nothing stronger than steel!

Prefab metal garages are known to be long-lasting, and they’re versatile too. In fact, galvanized steel structures can be designed for use as carports, garages, barns, workshops, warehouses, barndominiums & metal building homes, commercial buildings, agricultural buildings, and more. Want to learn more about how long these metal buildings will last, and what sets them apart? Then keep reading to gain more helpful insights from your friends at Carport Central!

How Long Do Metal Garages Last?

Let’s cut right to the chase. How long do metal garages last? In order to arrive at a fair estimate of metal garage longevity, it’s important to consider the life expectancy of the building materials themselves:

Steel framing is rated to last for more than 100 years.
Metal roofing and metal paneling can last from 40 to 80 years.
And hot-dipped galvanized steel fasteners are known to last anywhere from 35 to 60 years.

So, just based on the lifespan of its building components, it’s fair to say that you can expect a metal garage to last you a VERY long time – even for a lifetime!

Metal Garage Buildings: Facts vs. Myths

1. Myth – Metal garages aren’t built to exact standards.

FACT – This simply isn’t true. The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) came together to develop benchmark specifications for cold-formed steel building as far back as 1938, and others have come along to continue paving the way for reliable steel building applications. Among others, this includes the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA), Metal Construction Association (MCA), Steel Framing Alliance (SFA), and Light-Gauge Steel Engineers Association (LGSEA). Modern structures framed with steel tubing can be built to meet any local building code in America, including whatever minimum wind and snow loads are called for. Well-constructed metal garages have been shown to withstand prolonged hurricane-force winds, in fact. And that’s something which can’t necessarily be said about a stick build!

2. Myth – Metal garages are flimsy.

FACT – Structures engineered with steel tube framing and steel paneling are, in fact, some of the strongest buildings you’ll find anywhere. Cold-formed steel actually demonstrates the best strength-to-weight ratio among commercially available construction materials, up to 25 times greater than wood. You also have the option to select from among more than one gauge of steel for both the framing and the paneling, so you can design your building to be as strong as you like.

3. Myth – Metal garages are prone to rust.

FACT – While some types of metal are certainly prone to rust, you won’t have that issue with a structure that’s framed and paneled with galvanized steel. Pre-engineered steel buildings (or PEMB) aren’t susceptible to moisture damage, and are really designed to last for decades. In fact, many PEMBs will last beyond your lifetime!

22x31 Double Garage with Lean-to

4. Myth – Metal garages are non-customizable and boring.

FACT – If you think a metal garage must be boring, boxy, and uncreative, you clearly haven’t taken a look at what Carport Central has to offer. Thanks to the strength and flexibility of steel framing, a prefab metal building offers interior covered space which needs no internal columns or supports posts. This opens up the possibility of creating floor plans that can be divided up and used in any way that you like. And a metal building’s exterior is completely customizable, too. You can choose whatever building design and colors you prefer. In fact, you can design your own custom metal building with our proprietary 3D Estimator. It’s easy to use, and can be accessed on any computer, laptop, or smart device. Your imagination is the only limit!

5. Myth – Metal buildings interfere with electronics, cell phones, and Wi-Fi.

FACT – This simply isn’t true. If steel buildings interfered with electronics, mobile devices, or Wi-Fi connections, you’d have problems in pretty much every grocery store or office building! The research shows that electromagnetic waves pass through metal buildings as easily as they pass through other common types of construction.

6. Myth – Metal buildings act as lightning rods.

FACT – While metal is a natural conductor, a metal garage won’t attract lightning any more than a stick build. And if lightning should strike your metal building, you’ll be better protected in a metal structure than in another type of structure. Why? It’s because metal buildings are positive conductors to the earth, meaning that lightning will be diffused through the metal and channeled directly into the ground. So, if you ever find yourself in an electrical storm, a metal building is honestly one of the safest places you can be!

7. Myth – Metal garages are complicated to build.

FACT – This is a very common misconception about metal buildings in general. Precision-fabricated PEMBs are actually simpler to install than comparable stick builds, and can be put up faster, with less labor. And if you like to work with your own two hands, Carport Central provides custom garage kits and other metal building kits you can pick up and install yourself. You’ll receive a building purchase discount by choosing to go this route, and you’ll also get the satisfaction of knowing you put up your own building!

8. Myth – Metal garages are more expensive.

FACT – While it’s true that construction costs have gone up across the board, a steel-framed garage is actually less expensive to build than a stick-built garage. The cost per square foot to build with metal is more competitive than you may realize, and that cost advantage increases even further for a larger building. And don’t forget about the steel building longevity factor, either. A steel garage can last longer than a wooden garage, and needs much less maintenance. From a pure perspective of ROI, it’s honestly hard to beat a metal garage. So, if metal garage prices are a concern, you can put your mind to ease with a custom metal building from Carport Central!

Trust Carport Central for All Your Metal Garage Needs!

Whether you’re looking for 1-car garages, 2-car garages, 3-car garages or any other sort of custom metal garage, Carport Central has you covered across the continental United States! We provide a wide range of residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial metal buildings, and we install them in 46 states at no extra charge.

To put it simply, Carport Central is here to Provide Shelter for Your Way of Life. We’ll listen to your building needs, goals, and budget, and can get you a perfect metal building to suit. Why wait? Let’s get started! You can connect with us online, or for a faster response, just pick up the phone and call (888) 804-6654 today.

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