How to Customize Your Metal Building?

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How to Customize Your Metal Building?


Metal buildings are one of the most versatile types of buildings available; they’re endlessly customizable! You can create a steel structure to your exact specifications; whether you’re in need of an office space, a warehouse, or a simple storage unit, these units can do it all. And beyond the basic building system, there are a substantial number of features and accessories available to create a functional, comfortable, unique structure. With these customization options, you can easily add some personality and pizzazz to your new prefab metal building.

  • Roof Styles
  • When it comes to customizing your prefab metal building, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing a roof style. Despite what some people may think, the roof style of your structure is just as important as the entire unit itself. With three available roofing systems, it’s important to educate yourself on each individual design and all the advantages they offer.

    -The regular roof is the most economically built and priced option offered in the metal building industry. With horizontal paneling and signature curved edges, this design is the best option for areas that do not typically experience high winds or heavy precipitation.

    -Often referred to as boxed eave, the A-frame horizontal roof is also installed with horizontal paneling. However, due to its unique box-like design, we recommend this roofing system for warmer areas that may experience some winds but light precipitation. Its main advantage is being an A-frame style structure without the cost of a vertical roof.

    -Vertical roofs are the most durable, reliable roofing system offered in the metal building industry as well as the top-selling. During manufacturing, additional framing pieces such as the ridge cap and hat channels are included to prevent the structure from leaking. And while it is engineered for all climate types, we highly-recommend vertical roofs to customers who live in areas prone to extreme weather conditions. They are also required for buildings that exceed a length of 36’.

  • Doors
  • Depending on your intentions for the metal building, both current and future, you can have a garage door installed that is large enough to provide an easy access point for your larger equipment and vehicles. You can also include a walk-in door to avoid over-using your garage door/s or for people to come and go as they please without opening the building up to the elements. Not only are these doors easy access points for you and your belongings, but they give you peace of mind knowing your property is safe and secure.

  • Windows
  • Windows are an excellent source of natural lighting for your building, and they also reduce the need for electric lighting. Not only will this allow you to save even more money on your electric bill, but it will also give your building an open, calming atmosphere. If you plan to utilize your prefab metal building as an office space, guest room, or home, windows are excellent way to make your structure feel welcoming.

  • Color
  • Between the roof, trim, and walls of your structure, you have several opportunities to add a personalized color scheme. Whether you’re wanting your structure to blend with existing structures or home schemes, surrounding landscape, or simply make a bold statement, you can do it all with the right blend of colors. It’s important to choose a combination that not only suits your building, but one that also suits your personality.

  • Size Dimensions (Width, Length, Height)
  • When it comes to choosing the size dimensions of your custom steel building, there are several factors that will affect your decision. From your current needs, to your anticipated needs, to the size of your site and your budget, you need to take all these factors into consideration. The overall size of your structure will also affect its overall cost, so it’s important to keep this in mind as well.

  • Insulation
  • Custom metal buildings are designed to easily integrate heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment in the structure. With proper ventilation, the air movement and air quality in your structure will improve greatly; it’s also important for lessening moisture and mold build-up. By insulating your structure, you can rest assured knowing your property will be protected from Mother Nature and her brutal forces.

Let Carport Central Help You Customize Your Custom Steel Building

When you make the decision to invest your hard-earned money in a prefab steel building, you should get everything you want and more. Here at Carport Central, we make that happen. Unlike other metal building companies, we don’t focus our attention on making a profit, we focus on you, your needs, and finding a steel solution that suits you. You can reach out to us today at (980) 321-9898 to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable building specialists, or you can visit our website for additional information. Let us help you find your dream structure and experience the Carport Central way.


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