In Honor of National Metal Day … Choose a Metal Building!

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National Metal Day

National Metal Day is November 11

You probably already know that November 11 is Veterans Day, and it’s absolutely appropriate and right for us to pay our respects to all those who have served in the US military. But did you know that November 11 is also National Metal Day? This date was so designated in honor of the classic metal music mockumentary This is Spinal Tap, where the band’s amps are said to go all the way up to 11 – one level greater than the standard 10 seen on most volume dials. Metal began to set itself apart as a music genre in the late 1960s and early 1970s, thanks to influential bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple. Metal really came into its own during the 80s and 90s with the advent of bands including Megadeth, Anthrax, Motorhead, Metallica, & Pantera, and it remains as a significant force within rock music to this day.

In Honor of National Metal Day, Consider a Metal Building

Many people just tend to settle for a wood-framed building because they honestly don’t know any better. Wood studs are the established standard for building framing, right? Not anymore. Thanks to modern materials and engineering, steel has been demonstrated to be a superior construction material to wood, for many reasons.

What Makes Metal Better?

Plenty! Let’s start with how metal building components are manufactured. Sheets of galvanized steel can be roll-formed into a wide range of essential building components. This material can be shaped into amazingly strong-yet-lightweight steel tubing frames, headers, and trusses, as well as roof paneling, wall paneling, and much more.

But why is light gauge steel a better building material? It boasts the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any commercially-available construction material. It’s incredibly strong and dimensionally stable, while also being flexible under stress. Steel buildings require fewer framing materials than wood buildings, and can be constructed much faster than a stick build. And since all steel components are fabricated and premeasured ahead of time, they arrive to the building site ready-to-install. This makes for almost no construction site waste, and the installation process is simple enough to be taken on as a DIY project.

More Benefits of Choosing a Steel Structure

There’s more to like about steel, too. Here are a few more reasons why a metal building really makes good sense:

• Price & Cost-Effectiveness

We may as well start with cost, since that’s a significant concern for any property owner. You’re probably aware that steel material prices have gone up thanks to supply chain impacts from COVID. But at the same time, lumber prices have gone up too. In fact, construction costs have gone up across the board. But here’s something you may not have realized – steel tubing structures are some of the most cost-effective buildings around, and it can be significantly cheaper per square foot to build with steel versus building with wood. Metal buildings hold their value well over time, too.

• Less Labor & Faster Installation

We mentioned above that metal building components arrive at the site ready for install. And since you won’t have to do any measuring or cutting on site, construction of your building can be completed with less labor, in less time.

• The Incomparable Strength of Steel

While wood is susceptible to moisture rot, termites, and other pests, steel isn’t. Steel is non-combustible too, so it offers more in terms of fire resistance. For this reason, a steel building usually enjoys cheaper property insurance premiums than a comparable wood building. In addition, steel structures are also better suited for enduring wind loads, snow loads, lightning, earthquakes, and other natural hazards.

• A Truly Customizable Building

A steel building really doesn’t have to look like a metal box; you can finish the outside to look any way you want. And as far as the internal floor plan goes, that’s completely up to you with a steel structure. You can divide up the clear span interior however you like, and you can choose essentially any building dimensions you prefer.

• Easy Maintenance

Because wood is soft and porous, it’s naturally susceptible to moisture, mold, mildew, and pests. A stick build will need regular treating, refinishing, and maintenance. But a steel building doesn’t require frequent refinishing, and steel is much easier to clean. A steel building is truly one of the lowest-maintenance buildings there is!

• Significant Energy Efficiency Possibilities

Everyone knows that steel is a conductor, so a metal building can’t be energy-efficient, right? Wrong! Studies show that a well-insulated metal building can actually be 40% more energy-efficient than a similar wood-framed building. How is that possible? Since a steel-framed structure requires less framing material, that means there’s also more space available for filling with insulation. And more insulation means greater energy efficiency, lower heating & air costs, and increased buffering of noise pollution.

• Recyclable, Earth-Friendly Materials

Interested in reducing your ecological footprint, and doing your part to help conserve Earth’s resources? Then choose steel! Metal building components are manufactured with at least 25% recycled content, and each steel component is essentially 100% recyclable itself. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly building, steel really is a smart choice!

Celebrate National Metal Day by Partnering with Carport Central

At Carport Central, we understand that you want an affordable building, but we also know that you really don’t want a cheap building made with inferior materials. We stand behind the quality of our structures, and we’re ready to partner with you to help you get your perfect metal building solution. Whether you need a garage, barn, storage shed, RV cover, workshop, warehouse, commercial building, office space, barndominium, metal building home, or just a simple carport, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s what makes us different from the rest:

  • Carport Central is the premier online provider of metal structures in the nation, and we partner with only top metal building manufacturers across the country.
  • Nobody beats our selection of metal building size, style, and customization options. You can even draw up your own custom metal building plan with our cutting-edge 3D Designer, on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer!
  • We include delivery and installation of your metal building at no extra charge. But if you want to take on your own building installation as a DIY project, we also provide custom metal building kits at a discount.
  • Looking for some good options to help you afford the metal building you need? We’ve got the best financing and rent-to-own (RTO) plans in the industry!
  • We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we back each building with industry-leading warranties for framing, siding, and install workmanship.
  • In addition to all of the above benefits, the thing that really sets Carport Central apart is our people. We’ve got the best-trained, best-equipped, friendliest building specialists and financing experts in the business. We’re honestly here to help you get what you need!

Simply put, Carport Central Is Here to Provide Shelter For Your Way of Life. Give us a call today at (980) 321-9898, and experience the Carport Central difference for yourself!


  • Jay Lara

    Jay Lara is COO of Carport Central, and brings nearly 20 years of metal building industry experience. He’s worked in every aspect of the business, ranging from engineering to design to fabrication to installation to sales, and he’s passionate about bridging the gap between B2B and B2C for the metal buildings market.

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