Installing Your Own Metal Garage Kit This Winter: Cold Weather Tips & Other Important Things to Keep in Mind

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Metal Garage Kit

Metal Building Kit Self-Installation

So, you’ve decided to install your own custom metal building. Smart choice! At Carport Central, we partner with the best manufacturers and install teams, and we install almost anywhere within the continental United States. But admittedly, building installation is tougher for us to schedule in the winter due to the availability of install crews. For that and other reasons, you may simply opt to install a metal building kit on your own. For one thing, you’ll save a little money on your custom building purchase by opting for a metal building kit. And for another, if you just appreciate a DIY project and the prospect of working with your own hands, you really can put up one of our custom-engineered, custom-fabricated metal building kits yourself!
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Yes, You Really Can Install in the Winter – Just Keep These Tips in Mind

Is it really possible to assemble and put up a steel building kit from Carport Central yourself? Yes, you can, and it doesn’t even require any specialized training or experience. But is it possible to install your building in the dead of winter? Yes, it is; our buildings can really be put up any time of year, as long as your site is ready to go. What does it take to be able to install a steel garage kit during the cold months? Just follow these helpful tips:

• Decide your site location & building layout first

How much building do you need? That’s one of the most important questions you’ll want to answer for yourself on the front end before you ever place your building order. How will you want to use your building? What will you need to keep inside, and how much space will those items require? By knowing that, you can then choose the proper building dimensions for what you need. Next, you’ll want to decide where to place your building, and how you’ll want it to face on your site. By placing your building in a location where it will get plenty of full sunlight, you’ll be able to capture more of the sun’s heat, and also derive more natural lighting capabilities.

• Set your foundation before the temperature drops

If you’re planning to go with a concrete foundation for your building, you’ll need to get your slab poured before the coldest winter temperatures set in. You can’t pour concrete with below-freezing temps, so you’ll need to take care of that ahead of time. Of course, you can choose other types of building foundations as well, including plain level ground, depending on your needs and preferences. But as long as your building foundation is already set, you can work on putting up your metal building right through the winter.

• Build some buffer into your installation schedule

It’s a good idea to plan on your steel building installation taking a little longer than you think it will, especially during the winter months. Inclement weather can tend to slow things like construction projects down. But the advantage where a metal building kit is concerned is that you really do have the flexibility to work on your building as time and weather allow.

• Don’t worry about your metal building kits – they can handle the weather

Worried about what might happen to your metal building kit while it’s sitting outside, being exposed to the winter weather? The good news is there’s no need to be concerned: your steel components can handle it! Galvanized steel is more than up to the challenge of winter weather. Of course, it’s generally a good idea to try and keep any prolonged snow or moisture away from your fabricated steel members as much as possible. But otherwise, your building will be ready to be put up when you are!

• Don’t forget about building insulation

Will your building be going up in an area where extreme hot or cold temperatures are a concern? In that case, including some insulation materials in your building plan could be a smart idea. Proper insulation can help to keep warm air inside and cooler air outside during the winter months, and will also help to keep your building cooler in the summer, too. At a minimum, you should definitely plan on installing a vapor barrier to help keep down any potential condensation concerns.

• Safety first

As with any outdoor project to be undertaken during the winter months, you’ll want to make sure to approach the task with personal safety in mind. For example, when there’s ice or snow in the air or on the ground, it’s advisable to wait on conducting any roof work. Another factor you’ll want to keep in mind when working outdoors in the presence of wind; wind can always make a construction project more challenging, especially when the temperatures fall below freezing.

• Make a plan, and get started!

As long as your foundation is set and ready to go, there’s really no reason why you can’t tackle a custom metal building kit installation yourself over the winter. As long as you make a plan, keep your schedule flexible, and commit to plugging away at it whenever you have the opportunity … you can make it happen!

The Best Place to Get Your Custom Metal Building Kit is from Carport Central!

Carport Central is the premier online provider of steel buildings and structures in the continental United States, and that includes custom metal building kits, too! All of our steel structures are made from the highest quality materials, and each is individually engineered to last you for a lifetime. Got something specific in mind in terms of a custom metal building that will perfectly meet your needs? Nobody can take care of you better than our team of expert building specialists. We’re always standing by to help, and we’ll work hard to make sure that you get EXACTLY what you need and want in a dream metal building. Your metal building kit will come with all components and materials you’ll need to make your installation happen on your own time. Plus, everything is pre-measured and pre-cut to your exact specifications. Once you get your building material kit on-site, it’s completely ready to assemble and install!

Don’t want to have to fool with trying to install it yourself? You don’t have to! Go ahead and place your custom building order with us now, and we’ll give you priority consideration when it comes to scheduling with our professional install teams. Buy your building with us now, and we can go ahead and make a plan for early Spring installation, at NO additional cost to you. It can really be just that easy!

What are you waiting for? Connect with us online, or just pick up the phone and give us a call today at (980-321-9898) to experience the Carport Central difference for yourself!


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