Four Tips to Keep Your Metal Building Cooler in Hot Weather

By Jay Lara   |   Posted In: Installations

Keep your Building Cool

Well, it’s official! Spring has sprung, and temperatures are on the upswing. Whether you have a steel barn to shelter animals or a steel garage to shelter valuables, you may be wondering: “How can I keep my metal building cool when the weather warms up?”

Great question! Keeping a consistent temperature is important to protect your belongings, your livestock, and even yourself from the negative effects of excessive heat. Whether you own a custom steel building or are in the market for one, these workshop tips will help keep things cool when the temps heat up.

Tips for Keeping Your Metal Building Cool in Hot Weather:

  1. Insulate Your Steel Building

By adding insulation, you can regulate the temperature inside your metal building. This will not only block the heat of summer, but will keep heat in during the colder months, too! Insulation is especially important if you are housing valuable items that can crack or become damaged from excessive heat. Insulation will also provide a greater level of comfort for you and your animals during the dog days of summer.

  1. Use Intelligent Landscaping for Natural Cooling

Mother Nature can provide some creative ways to help keep your custom metal building cool. By planting deciduous trees and shrubs on the sides of the building that get the most intense sun, you can create a good bit of shade in the summer when the leaves are full, and an unobstructed path for sunlight to hit your building to keep it warmer in the winter when the leaves are gone.

  1. Equip Your Steel Building for Cross-Ventilation

Steel garages, workshops, barns, and other custom metal buildings can be equipped with multiple doors and windows that allow for cross-ventilation. If you want to purchase a metal building kit or have a building installed, consider putting in a couple windows on opposite sides of the building.  You can also go with an additional garage door, such as a roll-up or walk-in door, for even more air flow. Not only will this improve ventilation—it will also help with air quality in your building.

  1. Choose a Lighter Roof Color

Much like wearing a light-colored t-shirt in the summer, lighter colors on your building’s roof will help reflect heat rather than absorb it as darker colors do. Custom color is applied during the manufacturing process, but you can apply a different color after installation.

Hopefully these tips will help increase the comfort level in your custom building during those hot summer days. If you’re interested in a new custom steel building, Carport Central has just what you need! We offer a wide variety of metal garages, workshops, barns, sheds, and carports for sale that can be customized to fit to your needs AND your budget! Check us out online or contact us today at (980) 321-9898 to speak with a friendly building specialist that can help you with any questions you may have!



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