Metal Buildings: The Perfect Choice for California Agriculture and Manufacturing Businesses

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Introduction to California Agriculture & Manufacturing

Agriculture in California is worth over $43 billion annually. Its agricultural income exceeds that of every other state and employs approximately a tenth of the state’s labor force. Nearly a quarter of its 99 million acres are devoted to agriculture. It is the nation’s top producer and exporter of agricultural products. Almonds, artichokes, figs, and pomegranates are all primarily produced in this state. Other popular crops include kiwi, lettuce, oranges, lemons, and strawberries. California has only 80,000 farms and ranches, which is less than 4% of the nation’s total, yet it produces 13% of the nation’s agricultural value. Large metal buildings are an essential part of supporting this industry, providing energy-efficient crop storage and secure machine storage.

Technology is also a vital industry in California, contributing largely to the thriving manufacturing sector. Electronic computer manufacturing, software development, and other tech are all found in the world-famous Silicon Valley. These enterprises rely on California metal buildings for flexible office space. Other retail and manufacturing businesses find that California metal buildings are the perfect solution for a variety of applications. Thanks to the modern design and clear span architecture, metal buildings support easy expansion. As your business grows, so does your metal building!

Why California Needs Metal Buildings from Carport Central

California is a gorgeous place to live and visit, but it faces many natural disaster concerns. As CA is the most populous state in America, these disasters impact millions of people. A combination of geology and weather has created a perfect storm of mudslides, earthquakes, and wildfires for residents to contend with regularly. Because of El Nino and the extensive shoreline, there are also occasional floods.

Carport Central’s steel buildings are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions in California. They are mold-resistant, which is important during flood season, and they are fire-resistant, which is vital during wildfire season. Our durable, high-quality steel structures are built to last for decades! Even if they sustain damage, galvanized panels are easily recycled and replaced.

• Steel Buildings When Quakes Shake in California

Our cold-formed steel buildings are built with ductile steel, meaning that they bend and flex under extreme pressure. While wood and stone buildings collapse under earthquake pressure, steel buildings will retain their structural integrity!

• With Metal Buildings, California Fire Danger is Lessened

Our cold-formed steel is rated as a Type 1 building material by the IBC, meaning that it is the most fire-resistant material you can use! Your building will be secure from errant sparks during fire season.

• Steel Buildings in California and the Environmental Movement

Care for your planet and your budget by investing in a metal building! All our buildings are precision built with high-quality recycled steel, and all scrap is 100% recycled! Even better, our buildings are energy-efficient and save our customers an average of 30% on energy bills!

• Steel Buildings During Floods

Face the future of climate change with confidence when you own a metal building from Carport Central. Our galvanized steel is mildew and mold resistant! Not only will this contribute to better indoor air quality, it eliminates fungal concerns after a rainy season. Never worry about wood rot again! Buy a metal building today.

• Steel Building During Extreme Heat

From Lake Tahoe to Death Valley, CA residents know all about the dangers of extreme heat. Good news! Carport Central designs expertly ventilated and energy-efficient steel buildings, which will cut your energy costs by up to 30%! Our roofs are engineered to support solar panels and reflect UV rays away from your building. Thanks to our professional installation crews, you’ll enjoy an expertly sealed interior that keeps you cool and your budget happy!

60x51x14 Garage with Lean-To

Buildings that Benefit Industries of CA

1. Agricultural Metal Buildings

Your livestock will thank you for taking the time to customize your latest farm acquisition. Expertly sealed against weather and pests, a metal building makes the safest and most comfortable barn for livestock. Design the interior to suit crop storage and machinery, with plenty of room left over for your tractor. Whatever your agricultural needs, your custom metal building can be suited to you.

2. Commercial Metal Buildings

Your CA business deserves the best commercial space to accommodate growth and efficiency. If you’re tired of trying to find a crumbling old building that “might work” for your enterprise, it’s time to invest in the versatility of commercial metal buildings! Our clear span structures offer incredible space and flexibility. Even better, they are far more cost-effective than ordinary timber buildings. The steel roof is rated for wind and snow – our buildings can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at them!

3. Industrial Metal Buildings

Your industrial metal building must be safe and tough. Look no further than the metal buildings at Carport Central! Our fire-resistant steel frames and non-corrosive metal siding are the perfect solutions to your industrial needs. You can order a prefabricated metal building or design one with dimensions that accommodate your equipment. Your employees will be grateful for the sturdy and airy design of our gorgeous, clear span buildings!

4. Clear Span Buildings

Two words: Flex Space. California metal buildings must be flexible! The best feature of our clear span metal buildings is the incredible versatility offered by a structure that doesn’t necessarily require interior columns or walls. You can create a gym, an arena, a studio, or the free-flow workspace of your dreams in one of the clear span buildings Carport Central!

5. Storage Buildings

The storage industry is a booming business, but why would you pay someone else for their steel storage unit? A custom storage unit is affordable for everyone at Carport Central. Whether you desire climate-controlled storage or simply a safe place for your tools, our buildings are energy-efficient and durable, built to withstand extreme weather, and certified to last for decades.

Connect with Carport Central & Get Your CA Metal Building today!

Carport Central is the #1 supplier of high-quality California metal buildings! We have the fastest lead times, quality construction, and superior customer service you deserve. Our custom metal buildings are engineered to suit the individual customer and their business. More importantly, we build the safest, toughest buildings in the industry! CA metal buildings from Carport Central are fire-resistant, mold-resistant, and pest-resistant. Our decades of expert experience are backed by warranties on every structure, so you can face the future with confidence. Call now at (980) 321-9898 and get the metal building you need!


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