Metal Buildings for Aviation, Automobiles, Warehousing and Educational Institutes

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Metal Buildings are being used in many different industries. As the metal building industry itself grows and improves, the uses just keep growing. Now more than even the saying – if you can dream it, we can build it – really applies. Today let’s take a look at some of the industries that are really taking advantage of the affordability, versatility and security that metal buildings afford. Remember, this is just a few of the industries that use steel buildings.

Aviation – Let Your Dreams Take Flight

If you have gone through the time and cost to learn to fly or you need to find a place to house your organizations planes, you know that there is nothing more important than keeping that plane safe and secure. Metal buildings have long been used for aviation hangers and storage. Knowing that you can have a custom built clear span steel building that will suit all of your needs and can bring a sense of security when you are confident every detail has been addressed.

Planes are expensive investments. It’s important to make sure that you house it in a place that will be able to have the space not only for storage, but for maintenance. Custom made metal hangars can have more than one level, space for multiple planes, space for maintenance and even office space if needed. There are many companies that will help you take your dream and give it the physical space to help it come true.

Automobiles – Come Drive Away With Me

The automobile has always caught man’s desires to explore. People have collected cars since they were first introduced. One of the ways metal buildings are used in the automotive industry is for storage. Setting a metal storage building on a concrete pad, lets you have a great space for all of the cars you may wish to store. Whether it is for keeping their precious paint jobs away from the snow and rain or if you just like to have them all in one place, the versatility of a metal building is the way to go. These buildings can be built however they are needed. So if you need to store one or twenty cars, just name the space that is needed.

Many mechanics in the automotive industry are using metal buildings to build their shops. Having the option to build the space however it is needed lets them build the perfect space for body work and general repairs. There is even the option to add space for the storage of parts to keep on hand.

Even dealers are getting into the game with metal buildings. Using a metal building offers wide open space that can show off the cars to their best. Customizing their building can even have walls of windows allowing for lots of natural light that will help customers to see those paint jobs in the best light possible. There really is no end to the possibilities for how metal buildings can help in the automotive industry.

Warehousing – Save it for later!

This is one of the most logical places for the use of metal buildings. Being able to set your own dimensions based on what your organization is storing is a valuable asset. Even if you are looking to make a personal warehouse this is key. Being able to have clear and organized set up will allow for quicker and more efficient recovery of what is being stored. This can save time and money!

Metal buildings can also be used for actual storage unit structures as well. Set them up and know that you can offer safe and secure storage areas to your customers. With the metal being resistant to mold, mildew and other hazards to storing items you know that you have the best possible option available. With metal storage buildings the sky is the limit for the amount of space that can be used.

Educational Institutes – A Lesson Learned

You might not think of metal buildings when it comes to educational institutes, but it is much more common than you think. Metal buildings allow for versatility when needing to add space to a campus. It is a cost effective option as well in a time that there are very few pennies to go around.

Metal buildings can add physical education areas. Instead of having to build a new stadium or arena, prefabricated metal buildings can be used to add space for indoor tracks, basketball, tennis, racket ball courts or other open spaces that are needed. Customizing the height allows for activities like gymnastics.

If the need for the school is for more teaching space, this can be accomplished with a metal building as well. Add one or many rooms to allow for flexibility as the number of students grows or decreases. This is important as many school districts are finding their numbers fluctuating.

Storage is always a premium in any industry but for schools between books, equipment, records or sporting gear there is really never enough space. Using a metal building for this need is a great and cost effective option as well.

The Sky is the Limit

As you can see, there really isn’t an industry that couldn’t use metal buildings. Just take a look around your city and we are sure you will be able to find many more industries than mentioned here. It is easy to take into account all of the benefits of steel buildings as opposed to more traditional methods of building. There are companies out there ready and willing to help you find the perfect building for your needs. Is there an idea that you have that you aren’t sure if a metal building would work best? Give the experienced staff at Carport Central a call at (980) 321-9898 and let them steer you in the right direction!


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